Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Oops Time has flown

Firstly apologies, nothing, nilch, zero for nearly 11 months, lets just say life has been hectic and I'm going to try for a post a month and more if I can.

Spring corner ready for a picnic
Well I managed to finish the Spring Corner for my co-owned Yahoo group Mini Allsorts picnic in the ruins of an old castle in bluebell woods, just need a picnic basket and a few mice.

The Summer will hopefully be finished this weekend, the four corners was certainly a bigger project than I first envisaged. I can take my hat off to those that write tutorials - for anything I might add - it is not until you do them regularly you realise just how much time it takes with all the pictures and making sure the instructions are understandable to others and not just you.

A Fairy home in 1-48 scale
The group has also had some great fun creating some brilliant Fairy homes and or gardens as a challenge the talents shown by all the scratch build and the ideas put forward have been amazing and I am hoping they will let me share here on the blog. They range from tiny 1-144 or micro scale to 1-12 some are indoor only but some were built for the outside world.

The picture on the right is my unfinished one, the lights work and you can see different things from all sides need to create the furnishings now and a few plants.

Real life gardening took up a lot of allocated time this year and it has nearly been finished and hopefully will be easier to look after over the coming years; finally there is a back garden (yard) with a gate and fence, did so get fed-up with those who for some reason or other thought there was a short cut through my garden to the lane. :)

So what other mischief have I been up to, well joined an art group will be nice to get back into painting after so many years, work with AIM magazine, my daughter finally got married on the hottest day of the year and generally life has been very busy.

If this was a school report it would have written 'could try harder', well not making any promises but I certainly will try to keep things updated.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Better late than never

Finally finished the alternative Winter corner, such a shame time ran out before Christmas. The corner made like the Autumn and Winter Snow ones became an indoor one, well where would you go after all that skating.

Like all previous corners made from foam board, matt board and filler, messy and great fun.
The tutorial for this and other corners can be found in Mini Allsorts  Yahoo group so why not come and join us.

The inside is finally painted with dresser in and wood sofa added, naturally all carved by the mice :o) (let me add that the home could just as easily belong to fairies, hedgehogs or rabbits). I went for the distress look howeve could be made with wood and stained, or painted pristine and tidy.

The corner was then dressed, as I had already decided on a Christmas theme and had the bits ready I used them, but the beauty of this is it can be done in any manner chosen; even summer with a large bowl of flowers in the fireplace and a different scene showing in the window.

The dresser was filled with goodies, jars of jam, cakes, bread and even candy sticks and baskets of nuts are on the floor; and mushrooms drying on the top - nice woodland stew for later.

Finally finished, fire blazing to warm the skating mice, cushioned plumbed up and all the holiday decorations installed - the tutorial for these can be found in the Advent calendar Day 15 from AIM.

Below is a close up of the dining table and chairs - you've guessed brown plastic furniture or BPF as commonly known. Some flocking on the chairs and a table cloth and transform these with little effort.
Only two more to go spring and summer, now what shall I do with these ones hmmmmmmm! still in the planning stage.

Until next time, enjoy your minis and your new year.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Happy New Year

Have a wonderful 2013, wishing for you all  that at least one of your dreams come true, that health and happiness is yours and most of all, those minis, may they be many and fun.
Until next time

Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Finally managed to finish the snow scene and some of the mice celebrating a Snow Party, with skiing, ice skating and snowballs.

May all  have a  Merry Christmas or Holiday time and everyone has a dream come true.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Continuing the 4 corners

Well with Christmas on the horizon I bet many of you like me are busy with all the work involved to make it a fun holiday time.

I have started on the first of the corners for winter, this one does really make you shiver but was great fun to do and surprisingly easy. I hope to have this one up as a tutorial on the yahoo group Mini Allsorts around Christmas time.
The little trees are those cheap cake decorations suitable dressed with snow, but railway model trees or even bottle brush trees would work too. 
My favourite is the pond, it is cold and icy looking and I was so pleased with the first attempt at this method and it should be ideal for some ice-skating mice.

I also managed to complete the broom and rake as extra accessories for the Autumn corners and again the tutorials will be in the group.

The little mice seem to be having a discussion over who has the broom so will probably have to make a few more - well there is a lot of leaves and contrary to one friend, suggesting a leaf blower  I somehow don't really think it would work

I was really over the moon that one of my projects was accepted for the AIM Advent Calendar and as the day has now passed I can at last show the tiny Christmas decorations that were made. Fiddly but fun and most pieces available in our favourite of places 'the stash'. To try the project, follow the link on the AIM mag in the top right corner and go to day 15.
Will keep you updated with the new corners and in the meantime may all go well in your world.
Hugs Pauline

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Autumn's Challenge

I've spent the last month working on a challenge in one of my Yahoo groups Small and Smaller Adventures run by Pam Junk, lovely and whimsical and based on the Portland Centrepieces. Susie spent many hours with photos and updates to show us the tutorials and finished pieces so thanking her for the wonderful job, I couldn't resist having a go, although saying that it has put me behind on my Mini Allsorts group project tutorials so will be a busy month catching up. Below are some of the images of my challenge and loved every minute of it.

Seen from the back with all the goodies for harvest and the moonshiner upstairs in the barn.

The front has pine cone steps and lots of pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest (would have loved to have dones some more interesting ones when I thought about it afterwards).

All the leaves were punched out and individually glued into place, it is quite therapeutic if you are not in a hurry to complete something and of course leaves can be punched whilst watching something on TV.

These little people are so much fun to do, but I definately need more practice but pleased with first attempts, the young man is off for another slide down the haystack, but I think he should have been helping in the farm shop somehow.

There is some serenading going on here whilst waiting for the 'hay ride to return.

Upstairs the old moonshiner is working with his still and sampling his goods as he holds onto his flagon of booze, at the top of the picture is a few apples waiting to go into the apple press for the fresh batch of cider.

Now where is the lad, just when you need him to help with lifting some of these pumpkins. In the background are goods for sale, freshly baked bread and pumpkin pie with fresh veggies and jams.

Some of the tiny pieces added to the barn, I did laugh when I saw that the bead I'd used for the still looked more like a hand grenade. Except for about 4 pieces such as trash can and milk urns everything has been made from scratch and is truly fun to do.

Tomorrow I go back to my corners with mice to get the winter one done for Mini Allsorts and will post pictures of progress. So until next time take care and enjoy your minis.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Whimsical and mice

I've spent the last few days working madly on a new idea with whimsical and mice still top of the listings, think that is mainly because the online groups I belong to just love these subjects.

With Autumn nearly over I wanted to capture the spirit of the season before it leaves us for another year (pun not intended LOL) as much as I find all seasons wonderful there is just something about Autumn that recalls many wonderful memories from down the years.

The landscape is made of things easily obtained and put together with glue and paint to create the effects needed. Natural twigs and grasses help with the creating the look and I can never pass a railway model shop with out checking the landscaping materials.

The ivy on the back wall is made from mini punched leaves and the doorway is just card, painted, distressed and a brad for the door knob. The mice well beads and pompoms created these, not a piece of clay of any kind in sight.

The second scene used photographs I took locally for the backdrop and those berries on the twigs are 1mm no hole beads, whilst the trunk of the tree is made from a toilet roll insert, painted to resemble the birch trees in the background.

I now need to make some furniture, or other pieces to bring the scenes alive and maybe one or two more plants and of course the little mice could move in too, that is of course if the fairies don't find it first.

Real life dried twigs and Lycopodium look part of the forest floor, a couple of pebbles and toadstools and it almost looks like real life.

The toadstools, well they are just brads of different sizes with rounded tops, painted and sealed and so simple to create. When dry trim the legs and insert into the scene.

I had great fun creating both scenes and the mice.

The tutorials for the scenes have been added to the Yahoo mini group Mini Allsorts and hopefully we will see some great variations when others have a go.

Enjoy mini-ing and until next time, may all be well in your world.