Friday, 16 September 2011

Bathroom and Garden

Well the third and final instalment of the cake board. The bathroom suite was bought  for us which included a bath but it was a bit out of scale so I decided not to use it and created a shower area instead, using mountboard and a clear plastic bag for the shower curtain. I had great fun using the peel offs and nail art stickers to trim the mirror and wall decorations. The border round the top of the room is plain paper used in printers and cut with fancy shaped scissors.  The shower head was gold colour copper wire and a finding, sequins and wire created the toilet roll holder and towel rail.  The tiny towel a piece from a babygro (they are very handy for towels in bigger scales too). The little shelf under the mirror is a thick piece of plastic, with a Hama bead for a toothbrush holder, cut in half Hama bead for a soap dish and a small piece of sponge cut from a larger one. The bathroom mat was made from a piece of carpet left from the living area and painted with fish and trimmed with picot braid. The screen again is card, 6 pieces painted green and then little fish added using acrylic paints, they were then stuck back to back with ribbon for hinges between and trimmed with picot braid to hide edges. The little linen basket made from 14 holes to inch plastic canvas, painted and a towel added to make it look full.
So to the garden area, this I really enjoyed but admit that the statue was bought along with the bracket for the hanging basket and some of the trees from the railway scenic section of the hobby shop. The flowerbeds built up with flower oasis, glued down and then sprinkled with scenic bits and ‘planted’ with bits and bobs. The seat made from scraps and painted and stained and the downpipe is a drinking straw painted.
Seems simple when written down and very quick and easy but it did take a few sessions to do and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Accessories and bedroom

Well today as promised will give some ideas of how some of the items have been created in the living and bedroom area.
Jim’s Printables gave me the chequered board for the draught board on the coffee table and you will find the site quite useful for a variety of items in four different scales (click here) the little draught/chess pieces are made from black and white seed beads. The newspaper and book cover are also printies found, as well as the pictures and clock on the walls.
Cocktail sticks became used for the candle on the table which was painted and inserted into a bead and the roller blind over the kitchen window. Beads are really useful items and these can be collected from broken pieces, second hand shops and car boots sales ….. this can become a hobby in itself, one word of warning you will need storage space for them all. In the living area they became the wall lights, the storage jars, salt and pepper pots and ornaments.
The little plates, fruit and the vegetable board are all made from polymer clay and the little cups from cap gun ammo  ……  only please don’t do what I did, much to my husbands horror I bought live ammo and pull out the inner workings with metal tweezers, not the safest method I was reliably informed. Oops!! Once the insides were removed cut into individual mugs and the bit in-between used as the handle, then painted and  trimmed with gold pen.  I have to admit the horse on the mantle above the fire and the saucepan were bought at local fairs.
The bedroom furniture was made from cardboard (the thick grey cardboard found on the back of writing pads), painted with acrylic paints and varnished, with seed beads for handles and scrapes of material created the bedding. The chest on top of the wardrobe, some of the books, pictures and newspapers are printies. The chair was a cheap plastic one found at a car boot and painted to match the rest of the furniture and the little slippers are made from polymer clay. Very neat person is Tommy with his tidy room and bed it must have been his time in the army.
Tomorrow will finish off with the bathroom and garden area, do hope this is sparking some ideas for you too, I had almost forgotten how many oddments can create a lovely scene for little cost.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Cake-board becomes a Home

Oh my two whole days missed, where did Monday and Tuesday go, it is always hectic the first few weeks of the school year but this year has been busier than normal.

Seen from the top
I was hoping this week to discuss and work with the 1-24 scale or half scale world, brought on by guilt over the large house that is still sitting looking at me with a forlorn demeanour. One of the nicest 1-24 scale items made was a cake-board which has been divided into 4 areas. A group of smaller scale miniaturists that I used to belong to did this as one of their first projects and I thought it might be nice to discuss how these were made and what was used. I do wish I had the pictures of those others in the group some of the ideas were wonderful.

We started with  a cake board about 13 inches in diameter and foam board and played around dividing the board into 4 areas, I don’t think any of us did an equal split. I created mine around Tommy and his cat Ginger and his spaniel Perry and decided he would live in sheltered accommodation independent but with help on hand if required. A living space, bedroom and bathroom area with access to the communal gardens and from this the pieces began to fit into the ideas I had in mind. Often easier to build something if there is a story behind the miniature you can imagine the whole scene coming to life.
The living area

The idea was to make as much as we could only buying oddments or use things we already had, to share ideas and make kits for each other to use, you can see why I think it was such fun.

I’m going to start with the living area, Tommy in his chair in front of the fire, his chess set laid out for a game, his lunch almost ready, his paper read and his pipe ready for another quick puff, this was before smoking became a taboo word.

Using those lovely paint tester pots the walls were painted a sunshine yellow the bought border already in stash for the top of the walls and the colour scheme was set, for the room. The tile paper at the back of the kitchen cupboards came from the inside of an envelope and the tiled floor was left over from a 1/12 project as was the carpet.

So what about those cupboards and units - mount board (matt board) cut to size and painted with acrylic paints the unit tops are mountboard covered in sticky back plastic the handles bugle beads. The fridge and cooker made the same way painted white and trimmed with peel-offs to create the look of knobs and hot plates.

So far so good, but now for some furniture. Plastic canvas 7 holes to an inch were cut create both the dining table and chairs which were then painted, the top of the table plastic covered mountboard, whilst the seats of the chairs came from a small check fabric over mountboard squares. The chair and sofa made from plans found and the coffee table was made in a similar way to the dining table using brown acrylic paint and varnish to create the wood effect. The window scene and roaring fire were images cut from magazines to create the illusion of warmth and outside spaces.

 If you go to Joanne Swanson's Blog  there is a wonderful book of miniature scale measurements for all scales. click here

Tomorrow I will explain how the or where the accessories came from and we can move into the bedroom, until then take care.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend woods, garden and a mini or two

Well I missed yesterday RL has a tendency to take over, the plus side at least is finally my internet and phone provider has admitted there is a fault on the line. It has been amusing in some ways, I can phone out but I receive no incoming calls ….no you have won, we are in your area or we are doing a survey to be heard the last few weeks ….ah bliss. :o)

I finally escaped for my walk in the woods and a few more acorns collected, it stops me sitting doing minis or on the computer and of course no RL chores either. It was really quiet today even though the wind was blustering still, the ground beneath the pine trees strewn with pine cones. There are lots of berries on the hawthorn trees, do hope this is not a sign of another hard winter. Did see a squirrel on the ground and standing quietly watch him leap for the trees and acrobat his way through the branches, there are deer, rabbits and probably foxes but so far not seen any. I am going to try and get pictures regularly and see if I can catch the essence of the seasons and the woods, hey you never know may give me some ideas.

A mile further on up the road is the beach and coastal walks, much or which is a bird reserve is and I will know when winter is upon us as the geese start flying in from northern climes. The starlings are already gathering for their migration and form the most incredible patterns in the skies in the early evenings. To see some of these amazing scenes click here

Have continued with my Make of the Pot Bellied Stove and drawing some designs for the Quarter Scale convention table in November that should be fun, first one I have done in this group; but again no pictures until after the events, which is a bit of a bind because I can’t show what I’m doing.

Also as I promised myself some time spent in the garden with the bulbs, daffodils, tulips, crocus, fritillary, oh and some others I didn’t realise I had so many LOL, hope the all come out in spring, fingers crossed.  So with aching joints I am now going to rest before finding some more mischief to continue with, see you tomorrow.

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Weekend Has Arrived

Schools out its Friday … the defining moment of the week when one can say yippee a whole weekend to play and the agenda is full, from woodland walks to mini makes and  virtual trips and of course gardening. I must have hundreds of bulbs to install into their parking zones ready for spring and hoping the winter this year will be kind to them.

Sometimes we open a box given to us with a slight  ‘oops’ expression, and this is what happened to me one Christmas, a shop something I wanted to do and it was small enough. But it was in a bit of a state, paint splodges everywhere and a severe case of bad painting and the door to the shop would have only let in people 4ft 6in tall.  This was going to need a remodel and with trepidation I cut out the door, to find where you didn’t want it, it was well and truly glued. With the best will in the world unless I built a whole new front it was never going to be perfect and I do wish I’d done that. However, filling in holes and making a new fixed door, realigning where the patterned cut outs either side of the shop front and adding strategic bits the shop eventually became something that was better than before.  A lesson learnt, sometimes it is better to start from scratch.
This week has been a quick introduction to the many scales I enjoy; hopefully as time passes I can share not only the images of this wonderful mini world but also some of the ideas and ways to make them and links to interesting places within this wonderful virtual world.

May be one day I will even fully understand this blogging world and then I could become really dangerous. :o)

To those of you who have followed my blog and for all the kind remarks both on and off the blog a big thank you and hugs.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Little Properties

A tiny bungalow with a big garden
As my hubby reached retirement age, a decision was made to sell up, down-size and move to rural coastal area, very pretty and I love the bungalow, and initially no problems. Went to the local dollhouse fair and kept on with the 1/12 scale. Oh and by the way could kick myself there was a lady there who was later to become someone I know and so do many of you and that was Bea of Petite Properties selling her 1/24 scale houses. These were gorgeous little homes and I was sorely tempted but didn’t buy oh how I kick myself now.

1/24 scale with seven rooms and a roof garden
A few years passed and I realised there was not room for big dollhouses and I would have to admit to down-sizing here too. I couldn’t remember the ladies name nor did she appear at the local fair again and eventually I bought another 1/24 house, took it home and there it has sat, not started, forlorn and unloved and I feel guilty. So maybe now I’ve said I will have to do something with this rather grand house this could be one of next year’s resolutions and challenge to finish and show progress.

And then the Eureka moment, an advert in one of the magazines, for Petite Properties a few mentions on blogs and sites and I had found Bea again and she had added a downsized versions  and created her 1/48 scale and I fell in love again, I had one of those “I’ve just got to have moments” and I bought the first property the Corner Shop and my love with quarter scale really began. 

So now there are  little houses some built , some still in packets or brain all needing some internal tender loving care and furnishings. I feel tired just thinking about it, but for the life of me I can not think what to sell in the corner shop, should it be a newsagents, groceries, flowers, hardware store, decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Next Adventure

Today has been a bit of a whirl, students returned to school and the new intake of Year 7, so in awe finally reaching High School and do they look tiny against the 6th Formers. It was also a day of new school uniforms for all and you could almost feel the sense of pride and strutting their stuff as the new school year begins.

However, tonight the only minis have those been discussed in digest, researched or dreamed about and a few giggles with a very important group, the GSOLFOT the badge on the right will take you to the website and you can see the nutt..... um sockees and the many items they do in their mini world which I'm proudly one of. It is a very zany, off the wall at times but caring bunch of excellent miniaturists. I'm not quite sure how I landed here but I did and proudly wave the siggy in all my emails - mind you if I forget I'm likely to be cleaning the castle moat with a toothbrush or similar .... crazy, did warn you LOL.

This was my very, very first swap  in 1/12 scale and I spent many happy hours, swearing and generally turning the air blue to make. Seriously had great fun with these and learned lots of new techniques, the books are readable, one is on dragons the other about the area I live in and the passport has the delightful stamps of quality controlled and allowed out on own.  Oh I can assure you no dragons were harmed in the making of the dragon books these are naturally shed skins... honest.
Hopefully tomorrow less tired and more inspired  until then take care wherever you may be.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

1-144 Scale Convention

Tiny Tuscan Villa 1-144 scale  just 2 1/2 inches high

Well I was warned the three day hitch ….. climb over this day and you’ll manage the blog, just what you need to know, very helpful some people, but you know something they are right. What do you write about now; um that defining moment of oops I’ve started something and ….. well I’m not the first and I doubt the last  who realises that just like any other learning there will be brick walls to climb and a bit of head butting.


The tiny table swaps I made
So today will step back a few months to Spring and joining my first ever online convention; the Micro Minis Yahoo group (these are tiny scales) and signed up for the convention when someone dropped out. Too late for the big swaps; which was millions ….okay exaggerating a smidgeon, but definitely in time to be on an exchange table, so only 10 gifts to make and one table gift, the initiation into the world of swaps and 1-144 scale.

The theme fairy tales ………… from Hansel and Gretel to Snow White and anything in-between, what a choice and do you realise how dark some of these tales are when read, Grimm’s Fairy Tales by name and nature.  You can reacquaint yourself with many from childhood memories just click here.

Yes! Its a real walnut shell and a prize won
A souvenir, free projects and plans ….one a tiny Tuscan house 2 ½ inches high, online visits to the fairy story capitals of the world with menus to match, non fattening virtual banquets, but with all the recipes for you to try, games and chat, raffles and prizes, online mini sales, it was a real initiation into what can be done online by some very dedicated people, especially Laura Miller and her helpers.  By the end of the weekend a very numb posterior but buzzing with new knowledge, friends, ideas and wondering why I left so late to join the virtual world. 

This resolution of saying yes to things was opening an exciting wonderful visage and I was keen to explore for more, but these I will leave for another day……..

Monday, 5 September 2011

1:48 Mini Food

Well the real world intruded today as back to school we go, mind you not so bad without the children  ;o) I had to wait until the late afternoon for my mini fix, some coffee to re-engage the brain and off to the workroom to finish of some little pieces in 1:48 scale that have been requested.

These follow on from my first attempt to sell miniatures, so with a few items and an “oh hecky thump lets give it a go”, I signed up for the second online show that Shelly has run on the internet.
Now there was an interesting concept, an online table what I should be called ………. my mind blanked especially as I discovered all the names I liked were already in use …. Is it that great minds think alike or fools seldom differ; I’m going with the great!!! Well one has to think positive.

So the original title of “Pauline’s Minis” arrived; “Awesome”, “Inspiring” okay lets be honest it is exactly what is says on the packet and at least they should remember my name. Whilst the little miniature treasures were far more popular than I could ever have imagined, and I glowed in the dark with the praise, never in my wildest dreams.

So a second new year’s resolution has been achieved and I’m on a roll.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Woodland Break

Today I decided to take a break from making minis and go on a search for some time out, inspiration and acorns. Near to the village I live in is the Common open to all, an old woodland with some beautiful trees and walks. For me a step into the fantasy land of Lord of the Rings or old fairy tales, beautifully quiet and peaceful, just the odd dog walker and a pair of chattering magpies to break into the silence now and again.

The trees were fantastic, and I think I managed to see the complete Ogham tree alphabet of the Druids. Holly and oak in the same glade, heather spread out next to the rowan trees. The picture (right) is a stand of newer beech trees, so ethereal can almost see the elves dancing though on a summers night. Most of these trees had little doorways at the base,  so many fairy homes, to knock at or may be not, would they have answered, I'll never know.
I came for acorn cups for some miniature ideas perculating in the back of my mind; walnut houses with acorn cup roofs perhaps, or tiny bowls for fruit or maybe that fairy scene with acorn goblets, a mouse house,  a witches' brew as black as night; oh do dream on, patience required let them dry out before they are used, forward planning only for now.

So with rain coming in a return to home and some more time spent on the Pot Belly Stove being built from scratch, I can not show what I am working on, as for someone so until finished and safely in their hands it must remain a secret. Why, because this Make is made for the individual and is personalised to them and for them ...... certainly a very novel kind of swap.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A New Years Resolution Finalised

Welcome to my blog and at last the final New Years resolution for 2011 has come into a being a blog site; lazy, who me, no just very unsure of this big world of internet.

This was to be the year for doing more with miniatures, saying yes to new things, joining groups and making friends and maybe, just maybe selling an odd item or two if possible.
Confidence nil but determined I have found some wonderful friends in cyberspace, who have supported these endeavours and with this in mind I would like to share my miniature world and maybe one or two other items of interest with those like me who have returned to the wonderful world of childhood and dreams.

From making a first model to downsizing to 1/48 scale the last year has been busy and most of all fun and I have enjoyed myself so much.

My little steampunk elf was the first foray into the world of people, stiff in pose she may be but having never done models before, it was the most wonderful experience learning how to, with Nefer on the CDHM forum tutorials. She still sits by my computer a reminder never to say 'can't' and always have a go, you can surprise yourself no end with your abilities.

I hope you enjoy these experiences with me as I welcome you to this My World so much more fun than the real one.