Tuesday, 6 September 2011

1-144 Scale Convention

Tiny Tuscan Villa 1-144 scale  just 2 1/2 inches high

Well I was warned the three day hitch ….. climb over this day and you’ll manage the blog, just what you need to know, very helpful some people, but you know something they are right. What do you write about now; um that defining moment of oops I’ve started something and ….. well I’m not the first and I doubt the last  who realises that just like any other learning there will be brick walls to climb and a bit of head butting.


The tiny table swaps I made
So today will step back a few months to Spring and joining my first ever online convention; the Micro Minis Yahoo group (these are tiny scales) and signed up for the convention when someone dropped out. Too late for the big swaps; which was millions ….okay exaggerating a smidgeon, but definitely in time to be on an exchange table, so only 10 gifts to make and one table gift, the initiation into the world of swaps and 1-144 scale.

The theme fairy tales ………… from Hansel and Gretel to Snow White and anything in-between, what a choice and do you realise how dark some of these tales are when read, Grimm’s Fairy Tales by name and nature.  You can reacquaint yourself with many from childhood memories just click here.

Yes! Its a real walnut shell and a prize won
A souvenir, free projects and plans ….one a tiny Tuscan house 2 ½ inches high, online visits to the fairy story capitals of the world with menus to match, non fattening virtual banquets, but with all the recipes for you to try, games and chat, raffles and prizes, online mini sales, it was a real initiation into what can be done online by some very dedicated people, especially Laura Miller and her helpers.  By the end of the weekend a very numb posterior but buzzing with new knowledge, friends, ideas and wondering why I left so late to join the virtual world. 

This resolution of saying yes to things was opening an exciting wonderful visage and I was keen to explore for more, but these I will leave for another day……..

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