Monday, 5 September 2011

1:48 Mini Food

Well the real world intruded today as back to school we go, mind you not so bad without the children  ;o) I had to wait until the late afternoon for my mini fix, some coffee to re-engage the brain and off to the workroom to finish of some little pieces in 1:48 scale that have been requested.

These follow on from my first attempt to sell miniatures, so with a few items and an “oh hecky thump lets give it a go”, I signed up for the second online show that Shelly has run on the internet.
Now there was an interesting concept, an online table what I should be called ………. my mind blanked especially as I discovered all the names I liked were already in use …. Is it that great minds think alike or fools seldom differ; I’m going with the great!!! Well one has to think positive.

So the original title of “Pauline’s Minis” arrived; “Awesome”, “Inspiring” okay lets be honest it is exactly what is says on the packet and at least they should remember my name. Whilst the little miniature treasures were far more popular than I could ever have imagined, and I glowed in the dark with the praise, never in my wildest dreams.

So a second new year’s resolution has been achieved and I’m on a roll.

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