Thursday, 15 September 2011

Accessories and bedroom

Well today as promised will give some ideas of how some of the items have been created in the living and bedroom area.
Jim’s Printables gave me the chequered board for the draught board on the coffee table and you will find the site quite useful for a variety of items in four different scales (click here) the little draught/chess pieces are made from black and white seed beads. The newspaper and book cover are also printies found, as well as the pictures and clock on the walls.
Cocktail sticks became used for the candle on the table which was painted and inserted into a bead and the roller blind over the kitchen window. Beads are really useful items and these can be collected from broken pieces, second hand shops and car boots sales ….. this can become a hobby in itself, one word of warning you will need storage space for them all. In the living area they became the wall lights, the storage jars, salt and pepper pots and ornaments.
The little plates, fruit and the vegetable board are all made from polymer clay and the little cups from cap gun ammo  ……  only please don’t do what I did, much to my husbands horror I bought live ammo and pull out the inner workings with metal tweezers, not the safest method I was reliably informed. Oops!! Once the insides were removed cut into individual mugs and the bit in-between used as the handle, then painted and  trimmed with gold pen.  I have to admit the horse on the mantle above the fire and the saucepan were bought at local fairs.
The bedroom furniture was made from cardboard (the thick grey cardboard found on the back of writing pads), painted with acrylic paints and varnished, with seed beads for handles and scrapes of material created the bedding. The chest on top of the wardrobe, some of the books, pictures and newspapers are printies. The chair was a cheap plastic one found at a car boot and painted to match the rest of the furniture and the little slippers are made from polymer clay. Very neat person is Tommy with his tidy room and bed it must have been his time in the army.
Tomorrow will finish off with the bathroom and garden area, do hope this is sparking some ideas for you too, I had almost forgotten how many oddments can create a lovely scene for little cost.

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