Friday, 16 September 2011

Bathroom and Garden

Well the third and final instalment of the cake board. The bathroom suite was bought  for us which included a bath but it was a bit out of scale so I decided not to use it and created a shower area instead, using mountboard and a clear plastic bag for the shower curtain. I had great fun using the peel offs and nail art stickers to trim the mirror and wall decorations. The border round the top of the room is plain paper used in printers and cut with fancy shaped scissors.  The shower head was gold colour copper wire and a finding, sequins and wire created the toilet roll holder and towel rail.  The tiny towel a piece from a babygro (they are very handy for towels in bigger scales too). The little shelf under the mirror is a thick piece of plastic, with a Hama bead for a toothbrush holder, cut in half Hama bead for a soap dish and a small piece of sponge cut from a larger one. The bathroom mat was made from a piece of carpet left from the living area and painted with fish and trimmed with picot braid. The screen again is card, 6 pieces painted green and then little fish added using acrylic paints, they were then stuck back to back with ribbon for hinges between and trimmed with picot braid to hide edges. The little linen basket made from 14 holes to inch plastic canvas, painted and a towel added to make it look full.
So to the garden area, this I really enjoyed but admit that the statue was bought along with the bracket for the hanging basket and some of the trees from the railway scenic section of the hobby shop. The flowerbeds built up with flower oasis, glued down and then sprinkled with scenic bits and ‘planted’ with bits and bobs. The seat made from scraps and painted and stained and the downpipe is a drinking straw painted.
Seems simple when written down and very quick and easy but it did take a few sessions to do and I enjoyed every moment of it.

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