Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Cake-board becomes a Home

Oh my two whole days missed, where did Monday and Tuesday go, it is always hectic the first few weeks of the school year but this year has been busier than normal.

Seen from the top
I was hoping this week to discuss and work with the 1-24 scale or half scale world, brought on by guilt over the large house that is still sitting looking at me with a forlorn demeanour. One of the nicest 1-24 scale items made was a cake-board which has been divided into 4 areas. A group of smaller scale miniaturists that I used to belong to did this as one of their first projects and I thought it might be nice to discuss how these were made and what was used. I do wish I had the pictures of those others in the group some of the ideas were wonderful.

We started with  a cake board about 13 inches in diameter and foam board and played around dividing the board into 4 areas, I don’t think any of us did an equal split. I created mine around Tommy and his cat Ginger and his spaniel Perry and decided he would live in sheltered accommodation independent but with help on hand if required. A living space, bedroom and bathroom area with access to the communal gardens and from this the pieces began to fit into the ideas I had in mind. Often easier to build something if there is a story behind the miniature you can imagine the whole scene coming to life.
The living area

The idea was to make as much as we could only buying oddments or use things we already had, to share ideas and make kits for each other to use, you can see why I think it was such fun.

I’m going to start with the living area, Tommy in his chair in front of the fire, his chess set laid out for a game, his lunch almost ready, his paper read and his pipe ready for another quick puff, this was before smoking became a taboo word.

Using those lovely paint tester pots the walls were painted a sunshine yellow the bought border already in stash for the top of the walls and the colour scheme was set, for the room. The tile paper at the back of the kitchen cupboards came from the inside of an envelope and the tiled floor was left over from a 1/12 project as was the carpet.

So what about those cupboards and units - mount board (matt board) cut to size and painted with acrylic paints the unit tops are mountboard covered in sticky back plastic the handles bugle beads. The fridge and cooker made the same way painted white and trimmed with peel-offs to create the look of knobs and hot plates.

So far so good, but now for some furniture. Plastic canvas 7 holes to an inch were cut create both the dining table and chairs which were then painted, the top of the table plastic covered mountboard, whilst the seats of the chairs came from a small check fabric over mountboard squares. The chair and sofa made from plans found and the coffee table was made in a similar way to the dining table using brown acrylic paint and varnish to create the wood effect. The window scene and roaring fire were images cut from magazines to create the illusion of warmth and outside spaces.

 If you go to Joanne Swanson's Blog  there is a wonderful book of miniature scale measurements for all scales. click here

Tomorrow I will explain how the or where the accessories came from and we can move into the bedroom, until then take care.

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