Thursday, 8 September 2011

Little Properties

A tiny bungalow with a big garden
As my hubby reached retirement age, a decision was made to sell up, down-size and move to rural coastal area, very pretty and I love the bungalow, and initially no problems. Went to the local dollhouse fair and kept on with the 1/12 scale. Oh and by the way could kick myself there was a lady there who was later to become someone I know and so do many of you and that was Bea of Petite Properties selling her 1/24 scale houses. These were gorgeous little homes and I was sorely tempted but didn’t buy oh how I kick myself now.

1/24 scale with seven rooms and a roof garden
A few years passed and I realised there was not room for big dollhouses and I would have to admit to down-sizing here too. I couldn’t remember the ladies name nor did she appear at the local fair again and eventually I bought another 1/24 house, took it home and there it has sat, not started, forlorn and unloved and I feel guilty. So maybe now I’ve said I will have to do something with this rather grand house this could be one of next year’s resolutions and challenge to finish and show progress.

And then the Eureka moment, an advert in one of the magazines, for Petite Properties a few mentions on blogs and sites and I had found Bea again and she had added a downsized versions  and created her 1/48 scale and I fell in love again, I had one of those “I’ve just got to have moments” and I bought the first property the Corner Shop and my love with quarter scale really began. 

So now there are  little houses some built , some still in packets or brain all needing some internal tender loving care and furnishings. I feel tired just thinking about it, but for the life of me I can not think what to sell in the corner shop, should it be a newsagents, groceries, flowers, hardware store, decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. At first glance I thougt a barber shop with the owners apartment upstairs

  2. I hope the corner shop come up in 1/24" in the future