Friday, 2 September 2011

A New Years Resolution Finalised

Welcome to my blog and at last the final New Years resolution for 2011 has come into a being a blog site; lazy, who me, no just very unsure of this big world of internet.

This was to be the year for doing more with miniatures, saying yes to new things, joining groups and making friends and maybe, just maybe selling an odd item or two if possible.
Confidence nil but determined I have found some wonderful friends in cyberspace, who have supported these endeavours and with this in mind I would like to share my miniature world and maybe one or two other items of interest with those like me who have returned to the wonderful world of childhood and dreams.

From making a first model to downsizing to 1/48 scale the last year has been busy and most of all fun and I have enjoyed myself so much.

My little steampunk elf was the first foray into the world of people, stiff in pose she may be but having never done models before, it was the most wonderful experience learning how to, with Nefer on the CDHM forum tutorials. She still sits by my computer a reminder never to say 'can't' and always have a go, you can surprise yourself no end with your abilities.

I hope you enjoy these experiences with me as I welcome you to this My World so much more fun than the real one.



  1. Welcome to blogging! I started my first blog on my Glenwood back in the Spring. Pretty intimidating at first, but a lot of fun.

    Cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve!


  2. Well done, Pauline - welcome to the blogosphere.


  3. Thank you Audra and Heather for the welcome, when I understand this is should be fun LOL