Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Next Adventure

Today has been a bit of a whirl, students returned to school and the new intake of Year 7, so in awe finally reaching High School and do they look tiny against the 6th Formers. It was also a day of new school uniforms for all and you could almost feel the sense of pride and strutting their stuff as the new school year begins.

However, tonight the only minis have those been discussed in digest, researched or dreamed about and a few giggles with a very important group, the GSOLFOT the badge on the right will take you to the website and you can see the nutt..... um sockees and the many items they do in their mini world which I'm proudly one of. It is a very zany, off the wall at times but caring bunch of excellent miniaturists. I'm not quite sure how I landed here but I did and proudly wave the siggy in all my emails - mind you if I forget I'm likely to be cleaning the castle moat with a toothbrush or similar .... crazy, did warn you LOL.

This was my very, very first swap  in 1/12 scale and I spent many happy hours, swearing and generally turning the air blue to make. Seriously had great fun with these and learned lots of new techniques, the books are readable, one is on dragons the other about the area I live in and the passport has the delightful stamps of quality controlled and allowed out on own.  Oh I can assure you no dragons were harmed in the making of the dragon books these are naturally shed skins... honest.
Hopefully tomorrow less tired and more inspired  until then take care wherever you may be.

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