Friday, 9 September 2011

The Weekend Has Arrived

Schools out its Friday … the defining moment of the week when one can say yippee a whole weekend to play and the agenda is full, from woodland walks to mini makes and  virtual trips and of course gardening. I must have hundreds of bulbs to install into their parking zones ready for spring and hoping the winter this year will be kind to them.

Sometimes we open a box given to us with a slight  ‘oops’ expression, and this is what happened to me one Christmas, a shop something I wanted to do and it was small enough. But it was in a bit of a state, paint splodges everywhere and a severe case of bad painting and the door to the shop would have only let in people 4ft 6in tall.  This was going to need a remodel and with trepidation I cut out the door, to find where you didn’t want it, it was well and truly glued. With the best will in the world unless I built a whole new front it was never going to be perfect and I do wish I’d done that. However, filling in holes and making a new fixed door, realigning where the patterned cut outs either side of the shop front and adding strategic bits the shop eventually became something that was better than before.  A lesson learnt, sometimes it is better to start from scratch.
This week has been a quick introduction to the many scales I enjoy; hopefully as time passes I can share not only the images of this wonderful mini world but also some of the ideas and ways to make them and links to interesting places within this wonderful virtual world.

May be one day I will even fully understand this blogging world and then I could become really dangerous. :o)

To those of you who have followed my blog and for all the kind remarks both on and off the blog a big thank you and hugs.


  1. You did a great job. I enjoy reading your blog. I have had some trial/errors tinkering around with mine I started in the Spring. I find it more enjoyable than the miniature forums

  2. Thank you Audra, I'm sure I'll find many ways to tinker with this one too.