Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend woods, garden and a mini or two

Well I missed yesterday RL has a tendency to take over, the plus side at least is finally my internet and phone provider has admitted there is a fault on the line. It has been amusing in some ways, I can phone out but I receive no incoming calls ….no you have won, we are in your area or we are doing a survey to be heard the last few weeks ….ah bliss. :o)

I finally escaped for my walk in the woods and a few more acorns collected, it stops me sitting doing minis or on the computer and of course no RL chores either. It was really quiet today even though the wind was blustering still, the ground beneath the pine trees strewn with pine cones. There are lots of berries on the hawthorn trees, do hope this is not a sign of another hard winter. Did see a squirrel on the ground and standing quietly watch him leap for the trees and acrobat his way through the branches, there are deer, rabbits and probably foxes but so far not seen any. I am going to try and get pictures regularly and see if I can catch the essence of the seasons and the woods, hey you never know may give me some ideas.

A mile further on up the road is the beach and coastal walks, much or which is a bird reserve is and I will know when winter is upon us as the geese start flying in from northern climes. The starlings are already gathering for their migration and form the most incredible patterns in the skies in the early evenings. To see some of these amazing scenes click here

Have continued with my Make of the Pot Bellied Stove and drawing some designs for the Quarter Scale convention table in November that should be fun, first one I have done in this group; but again no pictures until after the events, which is a bit of a bind because I can’t show what I’m doing.

Also as I promised myself some time spent in the garden with the bulbs, daffodils, tulips, crocus, fritillary, oh and some others I didn’t realise I had so many LOL, hope the all come out in spring, fingers crossed.  So with aching joints I am now going to rest before finding some more mischief to continue with, see you tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Pauline!
    I am your newest follower-found your blog through a mention on Quarter Connection. It's always fun to follow a fellow miniaturist!
    Thanks for sharing! Mini hugs, Lee