Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Woodland Break

Today I decided to take a break from making minis and go on a search for some time out, inspiration and acorns. Near to the village I live in is the Common open to all, an old woodland with some beautiful trees and walks. For me a step into the fantasy land of Lord of the Rings or old fairy tales, beautifully quiet and peaceful, just the odd dog walker and a pair of chattering magpies to break into the silence now and again.

The trees were fantastic, and I think I managed to see the complete Ogham tree alphabet of the Druids. Holly and oak in the same glade, heather spread out next to the rowan trees. The picture (right) is a stand of newer beech trees, so ethereal can almost see the elves dancing though on a summers night. Most of these trees had little doorways at the base,  so many fairy homes, to knock at or may be not, would they have answered, I'll never know.
I came for acorn cups for some miniature ideas perculating in the back of my mind; walnut houses with acorn cup roofs perhaps, or tiny bowls for fruit or maybe that fairy scene with acorn goblets, a mouse house,  a witches' brew as black as night; oh do dream on, patience required let them dry out before they are used, forward planning only for now.

So with rain coming in a return to home and some more time spent on the Pot Belly Stove being built from scratch, I can not show what I am working on, as for someone so until finished and safely in their hands it must remain a secret. Why, because this Make is made for the individual and is personalised to them and for them ...... certainly a very novel kind of swap.

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  1. I am so jealous. What a loverly place to go walking. Heather GSOLFOT