Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The pumpkin continues with colour

Apologies real life and being under the weather seems to detract from blogging.

I finally started on the insides of the pumpkin, trimmed around the window at the back to give it a straighter edge and cut down the under hanging piece from the stalk. Using tissue paper and glue layered up the floor in an attempt to get it reasonably even and also around all the rough cuts (window, front opening and the bottom of the stalk), that took 2 days to dry ......... oh don't you just hate it when you have to be patient :o)

Once dry gave the insides a coat of white poster paint and then pottered off to the shops to get some lovely pumpkin colours I wanted a lighter colour for the interior and a darker one for the exterior and decided that emulsion (house paint) in tester pots would be ideal, gives you plenty of paint for more than one coat and covers very well over the paper maché. The colours I used were from Wilkinsons and the light one was "custard cream" and the dark one "jelly bean",  but there were different brands and colours to choose from and at £1.00 a tester not very expensive, most testers are matt, so if you want a shine will need to varnish with satin or gloss when finished.

The pictures show two coats of the custard cream inside and just the first coat of jelly bean on the outside and the stalk hasn't been done yet. I'm going to try for a trellis type window and think some more about the kind of flooring the pumpkin will have. I still haven't decided on witch or mouse, maybe should make a mouse as a witch its something I've never done so should be an interesting experiment. I also need to think about the lighting for the pumpkin, a central one certainly but do I want other lights too and if so where and start on the design for a pot bellied stove.

Whichever way I go I don't believe this will be finished in time for Halloween this year somehow : o)

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