Monday, 31 October 2011

Landscaping started

Last of the half term for me, tomorrow is back to school ... I'm so glad only do 4 days a week but somehow dream of it being none. So the next few days may be a bit sporadic in posts or minis or even both LOL.

Straight into the workroom this morning to see if the floor had dried out okay on the pumpkin, all was well so a coat of satin varnish and left to dry. I then decided time to think about landscaping, I couldn't find any builders foam round here unless brought whole sheet, rather expensive and rather large, so this is something must source in the future. A visit to the garden centre and some oasis for dried flowers is sure going to work (said with fingers crossed), its very crumply and the dust from it goes everywhere and clings. But there is something rather cathatic about moulding it with knife and fingers.

I've glued the pumpkin to some foam board - just under 12" square and built up the oasis around the pumpkin to give what will hopefully be a landscaped garden. The little steps are made from a broom handle cut diagonally, and the pots are just an idea at this moment in time. I really am winging this, never having used half the items before and just hoping that they work. A real learning curve!!!!

I think the oasis will need to be cover either with paper mache or similar to counteract the dust, will have to see what works when it is all dried and glued together. The tube was there to remind me that this area needs to be flat to house a battery. My thinking on this at the moment is an outside loo with a wood store backed onto it, the battery going in the little room.

The final picture is of the little guy giving me a list of what is required, don't you just think I might be getting some grief here, he seems to know what he wants.

Well it might not be finished for Halloween this year but I wish you all a haunting evening.

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