Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Plans for October - Pumpkin house and Autumn Scenes

A wonderful close friend of mine bought me a paper mache pumpkin from Hobbycraft, something I have been after for ages to do a project in - usually I remember too late and they have sold out. This pumpkin has an arched window already cut out of the back and I think it will be the right size for 1-24 scale, certainly not quite tall enough for 1-12. Now the next stage is to work out whether a mouse house or a Halloween witchy poo, oh decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow will start the planning and cutting and working out what will go where.

In the meantime will share the following pictures from a stroll in the woodland at the end of September, it has been unseasonably warm and I'm hoping that I can get some great autumn colours but not yet it appears. But my joy was finding for the first time in years the fairy tale toadstool, the red cap, (they always appeared in the old stories from Hans Christian Anderson and Grimms Fairy Tales), this woodland is magical there is a story around every corner.

The knotted roots look like the ones from the Lord of the Rings, you almost expect them to get up and start walking, these are the beech trees and they give some fabulous looking pictures.

The woodland goes from young woodland to old gnarled trees. Those that have stood for a long time and young saplings, from dark and eerie to light ethereal just fantastic. You can just loose yourself in childhood dreams, the dark forest of Hansel and Gretal and the old trees of Sherwood forest ..... oh why did I have to become old. :o)

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