Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Pumpkin and the Garden

Well the say the first cut is the hardest, so with my trusty blade I cut away the first part of the pumpkin, once inside I realised this might be an interesting project, the floor and walls are uneven so thinking hat on for making sure this looks good.

I did do some rough sketches of what I would like to do but being in pencil they didn't show up very well when scanned. It will definately have a pot bellied or wood burning stove with a black stack pipe on the top with the Chinese looking hat shape to crown it. The outside will be landscaped to look autumnal and natural if I can find or make the parts, certainly a toadstool or two, and of course those collected acorn caps could come in very handy.

Wondering if the back window opening would look better if arched more or left as it is, maybe make it leaded with a stained glass look and a rustic frame.
The furniture will definately have a rustic cottage feel to it.

The top stalk hangs down inside the the pumpkin as long as it is on the outside and is hollow, so do I cut or use it to create hidden overhead  lighting with LEDs because they don't get hot. This is the challenge to come up with ways and means to overcome these questions.

Feeling under the weather today it isn't easy to get motivated into starting, so tonight will stick to drawing and collecting ideas to use in this project.

To add a bit of colour to todays post a few lovely flowers growing in the garden, and a bountiful harvest of grapes nature is certainly grand and I love this time of year.

See you tomorrow, take care and mini hugs.

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