Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pumpkin floor and a possible owner

Well I tried putting the individual sticks into the pumpkin and glue them in, oh boy what a mess, not only me but everywhere else covered in glue, them there sticks were not all straight and they had a mind of their own.

Thinking cap on new method required, lets glue shorter lengths of sticks to ordinary note paper in sets of 5 can squeeze them together without getting glue on me and everything else, whoopie that has worked and lots of sections drying off before being cut.

So whilst waiting for them to dry sorted through some old stash and car boot finds to give me an idea of placement, along with a few cut up bits of card in scale to lay out in the pumpkin, maybe a bed there or a hutch/dresser there and I found him. You know one of those eureka moments, is he gnome or elf or a mixture but I just love the way he wags his finger telling me exactly what he wants. The right size, right colours, sometimes things just fall into place. It will make it so much easier to have a character to work around and personally I think he is better than a witch or mouse. A home for a garden gnome/elf just right.
The sticks on the paper finally dried and I cut around them to create shapes for the floor, somehow I knew this wasn't going to be one of those instant jobs. So let the fun begin.

5 hours later all the flooring done, will now need to leave to dry before a quick sand and varnish to seal it, that will be tomorrow. The finished floor picture below shows why it took so long all the ins and out of a pumpkin wall, I'll be seeing sticks in my sleep.

In the meantime can start planning the landscaping and a place for the hidden battery and light switch.

If you wish to see a close up of the pictures just click on anyone and it will open to a larger image.

I wonder if the little gnome has a name? Well just thinking out loud.

Till the next time take care and be happy.

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  1. Great looking floor Pauline - well done! And as for the occupant of the pumpkine - he's gorgeous.
    Hugs - Lidi