Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pumpkin Light and Window

Well the weather is certainly not good today, so definately no gardening, did go to King's Lynn for checkup and a bit of real life shopping yuk!!!!

Okay back to mini pumpkin, I did try the half pingpong ball for the overhead light and somehow wasn't quite right so a good rumage through collected bits gave me a few Christmas light 'flowers' (its amazing what comes in useful) and with a trusting LED tried them all in the hole which they slotted into very well.

Well the only orange one I had looked the best, somehow the blue and green glow didn't work well with the interior colour and made it look dirty. I was hoping to cut one of these in half for matching wall lights but as usual with Murphy's law only one orange.

The photo on the right shows the light fitment in place. I drilled a hole in the top left of the pumpkin stalk for the LED to go into the light fitting and I will hide it with the landscaping at a later stage.

I am not trying for a perfect look inside the pumpkin as it is so uneven I thought that keeping this look would add a sense of realism ....... realism ha ha, a home in a pumpkin :o) now I know I'm loosing it.

One of the things I have found is that pumpkins are round not an easy object to keep hold of, or to work with and that as big as the hole at the front seems, a paintbrush, glue and hands don't necessarily all fit in at once. So a whole new set of logistics are being brought into play.

The window is finally glued to the outside of the pumpkin, it took a mixture of wood glue and super glue gel to get it to stay in place due to the curve.

So today I used an air drying clay (in this instance Das because I had some) to make the stones around the window and now waiting with some trepidation for the clay to dry and hopefully work.

If all goes well will do the washes on the outside of the pumpkin and the stones tomorrow to add a patina of age and cover any marks made by the clay.

Till then mini hugs and may all be well in your world.


  1. This is coming along really well pauline. Love the window treatment and the light is great! Get cracking cos I want to see more. Mini hugs........

  2. I thought I would see this pumpkin you have been working so hard on and it definitely looks good! Your window turned out very nice and I am eager to see it lit up. I just LOVE LED lights - so easy to use!