Friday, 28 October 2011

The stone surround worked Yippee!

Today I had to parcel up some swaps I'd organised for one of the groups I belonged to and it just had to take longer than anticipated so didn't manage to get as far as wanted with the pumpkin, but yipee the air dry clay worked, no cracks didn't fall off and very little shrinkage.

The lattice window and surrounds were given a quick touch up with black and a green /black wash given to the stones, will see tomorrow if needs more colour. The silly little black hat and pipe (not fixed) was a try out for the stove pipe, but I think both bits will need to be a bit larger to keep in with outside look of the pumpkin.

I found the floor of the pumpkin was maybe too low down and certainly not flat enough for any flooring I had in mind. Using a piece of paper and a round ended tool, a squiggly sort of circle shape was embrossed into the paper and cut out to give me the floor plan to mark out on 3mm foam board.

Then came the giggly bit, the paper floor goes through the hole, the foam board doesn't no matter which way it was not having it, so eventually cut in half, trimmed where necessary and glued in. Weighted down by umpteen craft paint pots and left to dry overnight.

The bamboo mat on the left was a find in a thrift shop and I am hoping this will make a natural looking floor. It cuts easily with scissors and hopefully will continue the rustic look.

If it goes to plan I will show tomorrow, if it doesn't the thinking cap will have to go on again.

A very warm weekend for this time of year is forecast and if the wind stays down it is possible the trusty camera will get to takes some great autumn pictures. So lots planned and very hopeful.

The early evening let me know autumn has arrived, the sunset started with all those lovely red, orange and pink colours, then the haunting sound of geese as they flew in a V formation overhead, followed by another and then another and even more there were hundreds of them in all directions, all calling as they head home to roost for the evening. It is definately an awe inspiring sight and sound the only down side is winter is just around the corner, shivering just thinking about it.

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  1. That is looking great! I may have to grab a pumpkin on hand to do a pumpkin box for next year!