Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chinese Lanterns

Just a quick update have finished the Chinese lanterns and they have turned out much better than I expected, surprising myself, don't you just love playing around and finding sometimes it works.

I'm thinking on how to make these smaller for a quarter scale garden without loosing the effect these have with the leaves able to wiggle in the breeze.

The picture above has a real life lantern in the corner, to give an idea of what I was aiming for.
The second picture shows some planted in the landscaping in amongst the ferns. I'm hopeful no more ferns will be required they take forever to snip along the edges and it gets a slightly boring, not to say fingers getting sore holding scissors.

This weekend must finish some swaps for posting on Monday and with luck a quarter scale turkey too. Oh and the LEDs have arrived so maybe finish off the lighting inside.

Well one can but live in hope!!!! :o)

And Fingal, well as you can see still putting his orders in, I think he's after some flowers, and some mumbling about watering cans and tools, well sorry little one but you will just have to wait. Personally I thought he'd be after the furniture but just doesn't seem bothered which is just fine with me.

So mini hugs until the next time.

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