Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ferns for the pumpkin a tutorial

Today I thought it might be nice to show how I am making the ferns for the pumpkin landscape, I've used two methods almost identical and they produce a similar fern.

3 different shades of floral tape and 1 reel of masking tape.

The first method uses floral tape, the stems are paper covered wire ..... in this case 30 gauge although 28 can also be used. Both of these can be found at garden centres, cake decorating shops, florists and craft shops.

The wire was cut to about 1 1/2 inches in length and pieces of floral tape were cut between 1 1/2 inches and 2 inches in length.

I found that the tape didn't stay together, so used white glue (wood glue, Aylenes, tacky glue all suitable).

Adding stem and glue
 Not alot of glue is required and only on one half of the tape, although I would suggest a bit more down the middle where the stem goes.

Folded and cut shape
The top part to the tape is folded down and pressed together.

Leave to dry and then cut the leaf shape out.

Then spend a lovely time with a sharp pair of scissors snipping down both sides almost to the stem of the leaves to form the fern looking leaf.

Fern leaves made with 3 different coloured tapes
On the left are some of the leaves snipped and shaped.
Working with masking tape
The second method of making leaves is to use masking tape.
As it is wider than the floral tape the tape was cut approximately 1 inch in length ...... the length can be varied to create different length leaves.
The paper covered wire is then laid as shown in the picture and the tape is folded from the side to create a shape like the green floral tape above.

Shaped and coloured leaves
Unlike the floral tape you do not have to wait for glue to dry and the leaf shape can be cut out.

Now for the fun part colouring the leaves, watercolours or acrylic paints or watercolour pencils. I use the pencils I have greater control of where the colour goes and when happy I use clean water to blend the colours together.
Fronds coloured and drying
Both sides need doing and stand them in foam to dry, once dry snip along the edges to make the fronds.

On the left masking tape leaves on the right floral tape
The picture on the left shows leaves on the left made from masking tape, the ones on the right are made from the three colours of floral tape.

Quite a few more to make for the garden.  The leaves will be grouped together to make individual plants and of course you know who is checking  all going to plan.
Remember by clicking on pictures can see closer.
Fingal inspecting the work
 Mini hugs till next time

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