Monday, 21 November 2011

Ferns in the landscape

Landscaping around the outshed started

Yesterday turned into an interesting day, one of those oops moments, having put all the scenic material on the pumpkin landscape which had been left to dry, it was now time to brush off excess. The dumb moment came when I realised that having stood the outhouse on the paving to check where scenic bits were going and to take a photograph, it was still there ..... to late. Lifted the pumpkin and turned upside-down, one very smashed outhouse when it crash landed on floor. Well I know I wanted old and decrepid but this was going too far, so a night of glue and bandaged together to wait for the morning with fingers crossed. Yeah, this morning glued together and though not as well looking as the original I think I can manage to cover the yuk bits later.

Ferns beginning to soften the outline

Well I made 10 fern bundles into plants, twisting the legs together and wrapping with small piece of the brown floral tape, now time to put them into the scene. The paper mache with the floral foam underneath is ideal for making a hole, filling with glue and sticking the stem in. Its working well but not enough ferns so will have to make more, rather time consuming but I think it will be worth it. Today have put in pictures showing how far I have got with the landscaping.
Down the front steps
I'm also going to try and do some chinese lantern plants (Physalis alkekengi), they are in my real life garden so its definately the right time of year for them. Having started with the leaves and using cotton thread for leaf stems, will see where this idea leads, before posting the results.
Waiting on the LED lights for the interior, before making the ivy to cover the wires, but again will try and get as many leaves cut out as possible before hand. Wondering if I'd dried some of the early spring real-life ivy leaves would have been more realistic, another job for the new year me thinks.  
Round the back
Hope you enjoy the pictures, it may be a few days before I can continue with the pumpkin, the landscaping will take time, and I must decide on the style of furniture for poor old Fingal. Maybe if he has a bed and a nice nap he won't be pointing his finger so much.

Take care and mini hugs.

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