Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Online convention and swaps

I've had a great weekend and still on-going with the Quarter Connection online convention, "Home for the Holiday" being the theme. There has been so many enjoyable moments from opening the box - oh I signed up for the full thing - with the souvenir, totes, a bag, tools and minis definately a most wonderful unbirthday. There has been classes, chatting and games in the chat rooms and an exchange table with some really smashing people to talk to, this is one very happy bunny.

Earlier on in the year I did the 53 totes for the convention and as I thought of summer holidays and children I made 53 1/4" little sand boxes.  These were made from cocktail sticks cut and glued to a hexangonal card base with all the sticks being cut at
an angle to lock together. (see the template below if you wish to try this). Little sticks were added in the 'corners' and then when dry use a stain pen to  lightly go over the sticks inside and out.
On one side of the hexagonal the top row had the middle section removed and card put in to create the step where children jump in and out. The base of the pit has very fine sand - I used the sand from the pet shop for hermit crabs, it comes in many colours. I also added a sandcastle which is made from the end of a price tag  as is the bucket. The sand castle was glued to the base of the box, covered in glue and then sand, the centre was left hollow so a flag could be put in, the bucket was painted with a
metallic blue acrylic paint. The bucket and the spade handle are made from red wire cut and looped, the spade itself is made from paper folded over the wire, glued and then cut and shaped when dry, then painted red and varnished to give strength. The sandpit cover is a blue piece of plastic (from a shopping bag), cut twice the width of one of the sides, then the two sides were folded in and glued into the middle and rolled up to create the cover  and heavy duty cotton thread (or fine crochet thread) was used to create the rope ties.

The picture is of some of the 53 all ready for bagging and posting.

Why 53? Fifty of these go into a swap and you never get your own one back, so all 50 are brand new to you minis,  the remaining three are used in raffle prizes and auctions (big mixed bag of up to 200 swaps) to raise money pay for the hidden costs of the convention and any extra money goes to charity.

So I received 50 different totes back ... now that was amazing and the swaps were really brilliant, so many talented people out there. Do remember to poke the picture to see these wonderful swaps more clearly.

Mini hugs till next time.


  1. hello! I stumbled across your blog and I'm enjoying your posts!

  2. Thank you
    mini hugs Pauline gsolfot

  3. I feel so priviledged to be one of the 50 people who got a sandbox. They are absolutely delightful! And you make them sound so easy to make, Pauline! Thank you, thank you for mine!