Monday, 7 November 2011

Pumpkin landscaping continues

Back again with sporadic posting, sorry but life seems to get in the way at the moment.

Well it took 3 days for the paper mache to dry completely round the pumpkin, which was rather surprising as it was sitting nice and warm indoors and not out in the studio. The next stage was to give it a nice earth brown undercoat before landscaping, so with brush in hand and a big tube of acrylic burnt umber the paint went on. There is that horrid moment when you wonder if you are doing the right thing ..... of course I am, I'm sure it will be alright ..... well the proof will be when its finished.

While waiting for the paint to dry the outhouse was started. I would have preferred to use coffee stirrers but didn't have any, did have a large packet of lolly sticks and cut them in half lengthwise and sort of beat them about a bit and started to arrange them into the sides, back and door of the outshed. I wanted a really worn wood effect, to give the impression it has been around for some time. The outhouse will house the battery when finished for the lighting in the pumpkin.

For some reason the lolly sticks are not a happy crew with gluing and in the end had to use a mixture of wood glue and super glue gel to get a solid joint which didn't come apart. There is a way of aging the wood with steel wool and white vinegar has the recipe for doing this (click here), but being impatient and shops shut and having to wait a day or two to create the aging mix I decided washes of acrylic paint would do the job just as nicely. The washes are put on gradually and built up, thinking about where green wood (algae), whitened wood, sunlight and just old wood occur. It was fun to do and I'm quite pleased with the effect it has created. 

The roof is a piece of card with black wet & dry sandpaper on top and folded round the sides. A bit more work on aging and the roof, add some hinges hopefully that will be tomorrow. Also need to put in steps and pathway and start planning where the major parts of the landscaping will go.

Until then take care and mini hugs.

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