Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pumpkin landscaping getting details

 Now that the brown paint is dry, I wanted to define some of the rocks, pathways and steps having decided not to use the pieces of wood for stepping 'stones'.

It looks a mess at the moment as the air dry clay dries out; was hoping to wouldn't take long, but as usual the ideas of mice and men.

Did start the washes tonight in part, but think it will be a day or two to do properly.  Did have to smile at the photo, Fingal (yep gnome has a name, suggested by friends) looks totally shocked at the steps ....

The outhouse has aged beautifully with the acrylic paints, and the rusty hinges and door pull make it seem really old, might just tweak later on if necessary, but for a first attempt with this technique I am pleased.

I've a lot on over the next few days so may not be posting any progress.

What with challenges, the Quarter Connection online convention, wedding aniversary, birthdays, work and RL I am putting in for a longer day and more energy :o)

Take care and hugs.


  1. Thank you Audra, did you work out what the hinges were made of?
    mini hugs