Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pumpkin landscaping

Just a quick post tonight, just washed all the glue of my fingers had a marvellous time doing paper mache on the landscape.

Needed tissue or very lightweight paper I've used a mixture of both to cover the oasis so as not to lose too much definition. Just realised that oasis is the stuff for real flowers and absorbs water the stuff I used is the floral foam, brown in colour and usually sold at the same place and doesn't absorb water.

Looks rather like a snow scene at the moment .... now that has given me a few ideas. Well its nice to know that the floral foam worked and its not too expensive either. One word of warning it creates a lot of dust and I have been reliably informed that spraying with anti-static would help the 'I'm going to cling to everything in sight' and that includes the tools.

Now need to make the outside toilet and wood stack for the landscaping and get the rest of the lighting in, and I think I'm going to need a lot of leaves and bits punched out too.

Until the next time take care, mini hugs


  1. I would love to know more how you did your yard. I want to have little rolling hills for my Glenwoods yard, but not sure how to go about it!

  2. Audra, I used the florist foam to create the landscape, it is easy to cut and mould into shape and used ordinary wood glue to hold in place. Once dry did a paper mache overlay and as you will see from the latest post once dry painted the whole thing brown. At a later date maybe do a tutorial for landscaping in another scale. Hope this answers your question, mini hugs Pauline