Friday, 18 November 2011

Table gifts and yeah back to Pumpkin

Well one more day and the convention will be finished, it has been a great experience and many big thank yous to all those who made it possible, it certainly would have been an awful lot of hard work.

The other day I showed of the table gift of a spooky Halloween tree, but the table also had exchanges, and I must admit these were astounding and very well made from my table mates. The theme for us was Shop for the Holidays and each team member chose their theme and Laura designed a shop (which we still have to make) with an outside area too.
So our exchanges on the whole were geared to each persons theme I chose to do little revolving display units and gave myself the extra challenge of making them actually revolve and decorated each one for weddings, birthdays, 4th July, Christmas, Mardi Gras,  oh and of course Halloween.

If I do them again, would like to try them in plain wood or just painted but they were fun  and  maybe I'd also slightly alter how the revolving mechanism works.

In the meantime I've managed to step back into the studio and continue with a bit of landscaping on the pumpkin. This is going to take some time to do and wait for glue to dry so annoying that LOL.

As you can see the start of the landscaping has already softened the outline of the rocks and pathway, melding them into the ground and softening the edges. I'm keeping to the more autumnal colour palette which is giving a brownish tinge to the ground cover. As much as I would like to put in daffadils and spring plants, I don't believe they would work.

I have started on the leaves for the first plants, a nice job to do indoors in the warm and thinking about whether or not to have toadstools and if so how many and what kind (another reason not to have spring flowers no toadstools).

So I'm off now to work on these tiny plants, so until the next time take care and hugs.

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