Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Washes on the Clay

Coming home tonight, I do wish I could have stopped the car and watched the geese flying in to roost along the coast, I don't think I've ever seen so many. Squadron after squadron and where is the camera .... at home ... one day I might just be in the right place, at the right time and the camera handy.

Getting home managed a few moments in the studio to finish the washes on the pavements and stones, some of the clay was still dampish, so I think it might take some time for it to dry completely. This is handy, with all I have on over the next few days means I won't be getting frustrated with the drying out of the clay and paints.
First picture is the  paving and stones round the outhouse, the second shows the pathway to the pumpkin and the last is an overview,  the landscaping materials will soon soften the harsh outlines along with the plants, flowers and other garden pieces.

Take care and mini hugs until next time.


  1. Visiting from Show and Tell camp posting of yours and I had to comment. Love your blog and will snoop further around it too. Does DM know you are using a Gnome in your scene? You should show her this. She will love it! This is going to be a wonderful scene I am sure I have a pumpkin that needs to come out of storage one day too but for now I am working on a Day of the Dead scene instead. Thanks for posting your blog site I will watch with interest
    Judy in Penticton

  2. thank you Judy, no haven't told DM yet will wait a few days me thinks. LOL
    Mini hugs Pauline