Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just around the corner ..........

A new year and a new start, firstly let me apologise for not being around at least one of my new years resolutions is to keep the Blog updated its been a whole month and its not as if I haven't been busy, its just not really been with minis.

 Its certainly a time of year for celebration with family or quietly on our own, thinking back on the past year, what has been achieved and wondering what the New Year will bring.

I have a  new toy to play with, a lightweight camera, a mini in its own right with a more powerful zoom, a great Santa gift, and when I learn how to use it should make for some better quality pictures of both nature and minis.

These pictures are of one of the lovely visitors to the garden and the feeders during this time of year. I'm afraid I leave my plants to have their seedpods so not the tidiest of gardens but the wildlife love it as this pretty goldfinch proves as it feeds on the delphinium seeds.

So may tonight bring that wonderful magical feeling as once more the year turns. May 2012 bring you health, happiness and love.

To Everyone

mini hugs

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