Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Chinese Lantern Tutorial

Ta Ra finally got the tutorial together Yay!!!

*     Masking Tape
*    Thin florist paper covered wire about 28 gauge
*    Gypsophylia dried or small balls of orange tissue paper
*    Green water colour pencils or paints
*    Green cotton thread
*    Clear drying glue such as PVA or wood glue.

*       Scissors
*       Paint brush
*       Tweezers
*       Snips or cutters to cut wire
*       Ball end tool
Cut the florist wire into approximately 2 ½ to 3 inches in length.

Cut masking tape strips and fold over one end of the wire. (on the right of the picture)

Take the end of the green thread and fold over a piece of masking tape. (on left of picture)
Cut the thread to about 1 inch in length and fold over a corresponding piece of masking tape.  (in the centre of the picture). You will need 2 or 3 of these thread pieces for each piece of wire.

Using a pair of scissors cut out each leaf to the shape shown (or look up leaves on the internet and make your own design)

I used water colour pencils but paints either acrylic or water colour can be used. My preference gives me more control over what depth of colour I want to use.


I then coloured in each leaf on both sides with the pencils then using a paintbrush and clean water washed over the leaves to blend the colours.

The leaves were then left to dry.

Then came the fun part of this, it is fiddly but well worth doing.

Take each piece of wire with the leaf at the end and tie on the thread with leaves on about ¼ and ½ inch from the leaf and from each section

A good pair of tweezers will help with this and being dexterous.

The stem of the left has three threads added to the stem, once in place a tiny spot of glue on each knot will keep the thread in place.

I found after I had done the first one that using a ball end tool on the leaves could give them a curl and a
little shape.

Continue making the stems until you have enough to complete your plant or plants.

In my stash was some pre-dyed dried flowers mainly buds. These needed to be the bright orange of the lanterns.

Each bud was painted with orange paint, (in my case used the brush to take paint of the tip of the pencil) and then left to dry. I held each bud stalk with tweezers to paint them.

Please note to do more than you think you need – why because of them breaking or not tightly closed when dry or you just don’t like the shape. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto paper.

Using the tweezers, gently pick up each ‘bud’ and dip the stalk into the glue puddle and glue to the knot on each stem; you might want 2 per knot or just the one.

The stems are now ready to insert into a plant pot or landscape.

You can shorten the stems if too long but better to have length when making gives you something to hold onto when knotting thread and adding the little lanterns

Have fun.

The lanterns could also be made with beads, tissue paper and thread or even polymer clay all of which I am experimenting with.

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  1. I love this and I am going to make one of them very soon. Thanks for sharing your secrets and if I do run into questions I will ask. Love your site Pauline. Judy L from Penticton and camp