Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Some outstanding projects

I don't know about you but over the years I've collect pieces to 'do' a project in the future,  ideas such as an oriental room, an African holiday (in luxury of course), Egyptian, garden, even Viking and a wizard and or witch scene, with many ideas popping up along the way, so I collected. This I believe is a sign of a true miniaturist a pack rat tendency to hoard for future use, not only items but 'things' that could be useful. In many cases bits that were wanted were few and far between or other projects took over and the items ended up not being completed. Sometimes I didn't have the knowledge to do things properly or the space to build things especially as all the early 'just in case' or future projects were 1:12.

So on the last clear-up and sort out (I use both words loosely VBG) I decided some of these 1:12 pieces needed to go on shelves instead of hidden in boxes and maybe just maybe jog myself into completing these in the coming year.

I don't know how accurate my oriental items are but I'm sure when it comes to time to sort properly some items may just have to go as not being correct. I definately like the black lacquered furniture, so it may end up being an oriental style roombox rather than a particular era or time. The vase and teapot are two of the first pieces I ever bought back in 1977 or there abouts which shows how long this idea has been wandering in the recesses of my mind.

Years ago, a dream was to go on an African tour, from Egypt to a safari, I think many of my ideas of how it would look stemmed from the Hollywood films of my youth, especially those of Agatha Christie style; realism I don't know so maybe this room could spring into something from one of her crime novels .... did she do one on the African sanvanah, now there is something to check, certainly could do one based on that genre, murder in the game reserve.

But my main one would be to have wizard rooms, and my interest here goes back before Harry Potter which I do enjoy and was probably sparked by reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and for this I have seriously collected; not all of which are on show here. This is more the library section and most of these books can be read but the shelves do need filling. I am now in the process of making my own books that are readable for the shelves. Also is an apothercary and a school room and a sort of vets not sure what you would call it, but certainly a place animals can come to. I have envisage a wizard working with a witch who is a herbalist as well as magical and all the animals will be popping in from ferrets and mice to ponies, bats and birds, many have been collected now all I have to build the rooms. Will the wizard live in a tower and the witch in a cottage, anyway here is at least three 1:12 projects from the UFO (unfinished objects) department and I dare not look in the 1-48 scale department or mention anymore 1-12 projects, like the museum, what museum didn't say nuffink. LOL.

Hugs Pauline

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