Sunday, 12 February 2012

Working for Online Show

March 9th is creeping up so fast I just can't believe it, and with colds and work I am as usual running to catch up, so for last two weeks have been coming in from work and trying to make quarter scale food items, these are all new items for me, probably would have been better to stick with those things that I've done before, oh well LOL, do love challenges.

The photos (sorry for quality but it is dreary day here and not conducive to photograph taking) of some items that have just come out of the oven.
The first photo is of cakes, do like these virtual ones, can drool without putting on weight, the photo shows cake and slices from Double Chocolate, Carrot Cake and Lime Pie which I may redo, did find some RL ones this bright on Google images. The pencil is a .7mm lead and gives an idea of the size.
The second photos are of veggies, cauliflower, leeks, mushrooms, turnip and carrots, was really pleased with the cauliflowers, fiddly but effective.

Poor Fingal has had to go on the back burner for the moment, although have done him the odd veggie or two for his kitchen area when it is made so he is not forgotten entirely.

Will try and keep you posted with latest work and I can't wait for the the nasty weather to go away to get out and about, I don't like - 4ºC to -10ºC during the night, makes you want to snuggle inside a duvet with a good book and hot drink, rather than do anything.

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