Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Oops! March is nearly over

Time seems to have a habit of flying away with me, I blink at its gone and I wonder what has happened to the days, they say the older you get the faster it goes and as a child I couldn't for the life of me understand how that could be - I still don't but it happens.

The last couple of days have been glorious weather here, warm like summer days (although this morning did have to scrape ice of the car before wending way to school), the flowers are beginning to really come on from daffodils to the flowering trees and bushes, with much of the wildlife in partnership mode, strutting their stuff.

Well Shelly's online show was good again and I was really please to see some of my previous buyers return for more, thank you so much to them it is such a wonderful compliment, and some items were extremely popular and I could have sold more than once, it all did wonders for that little word 'ego'.

I love making quarter scale food and the little turkey on the right is just over a quarter of an inch long and made from polymer clay as are the new potatoes and carrots and a few chopped herbs to dress the platter.

With summer around the corner and those lovely days in the sun on the patio or by the bbq and hamburgers and salads spring to mind. Here the challenge was the onion ring slices and luckily for me they worked, only now I must see if I can make
them smaller to give a wider range to the sizes and thinner slices to give the illusion of transparency that onions have.

Along with cakes and desserts and lots of vegetables and prep boards the theme was definately the produce of the coming months.

One exception was to Easter and a tiny little basket arrived with its tiny coloured eggs and chocolate bunny, decorated with spring flowers. I forgot to keep one for me, too stoopid that's the problem another age related one me thinks, so with flying time and forgetting brain cells I'm on a roll.
Oh the ruler in the pictures is inches, so you can see the basket and handle is no higher than 1/2 inch, well I did say tiny eggs.

My next challenge is with the 1-144 scale and the up and coming MicroMinis Online Convention in April, the theme this year is Gardens and Waterfalls and it opens the mind to many possiblities. But these will have to wait until end of April to share, I'm certainly looking forward to a fun time.

So in the meantime some time to work in the workroom, a spring clean and find a way of storing all those craft paints and other bits that we seem to gather like pack rats for future work, rather an uphill struggle as I keep getting sidetracked. He he he, don't we all.

Happy mini-ing and mini hugs to all take care.

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