Sunday, 22 April 2012

Real Life Minis and miniatures

Well this April really has lived up to the saying of April showers, when the sun is out lovely warmth followed by showers ranging from gentle rain and rainbows to deluges with hailstones and the roads and paths turning white.

It is also the time for ducklings, there must be at least four families of ducks wandering through the garden with their little ones, they all seem to start with about 13 ducklings, small balls of fluffy cuteness, and as they days go by they seem to loose them, from the cold to the predators. It is an amazing sight to see a hawk fly down and grab a duckling and at the same time feeling so horror stricken to see it killed. Eventually nature settles and between 3 and 8 survive to grow to adulthood.
At sometime a farmyard duck must have joined with the wild mallards in the area and we have some very interesting combinations - locally known as vicars - why - well the picture shows mum with ducklings and she has a lovely white collar.

The little balls are fluff are less than 24 hours old and have hatched in the garden, its no good trying to keep them out, they seem to like the shrubs.

The second family with a normal mallard female is another of the families that march through on a daily routine that takes them from the gardens to the road and off down the lane. Mum keeping a beady eye on the camera and she gently clucked at the chicks and hissed at me.

Have I done minis, of course I have hmm! seriously yes have been doing a lot but as it is very much in design don't have a lot to show.
I'm looking forward to next weekend with the online Micro Mini Convention, which should be fun, lots of chat, games, workshops, projects all in the comfort of your own home just great.

Have started on the quarter scale Shabby chic furniture for one of Bea's Petite Properties, using her basic design as a starting point from her furniture book. Was lucky to find some really fine striped material which lended itself not only in colour but in size so really well pleased with the finished result.

So until next time mini hugs and happy miniaturing.

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