Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tiny Creations - oh and the weather

I'm sure somewhere above there is an entity with a great sense of humour, the water companies in the UK say drought and hosepipe ban and we end up with the wettest April since records began in 1910, hardly a day without rain and in some places floods. But wait for the great British sense of reality, the drought is still on, it is the wrong kind of rain - you couldn't make it up now could you :o)
Well May has started with rain too, hopefully we should see some sunshine and warm weather soon.

I have spend the last few days of April in an online convention with Micro Minis (a Yahoo 1-144 scale group) - the theme "Waterfalls and Gardens".

Quiet Reflection
 These online conventions are a marvellous way of enjoying minis with like-minded people and you can sign up for workshops, round tables and enjoy some lovely projects and discussions all from the comfort of your own home. Okay I know it doesn't have the full buzz of a real life convention, but it is pretty close and people from the four corners of the globe can join in. I do so wish I could show some of the exhibits entered all were good but some were absolutely stunning. For the first time I made and entered one of my own pieces 'quiet reflections' and it was a lot of fun to make, also made the gifts for the tablemates (virtual table, but real people).

As you can see from the pictures this is very tiny scale and  they fit on top of craft paint bottles.

This was also my first time of making round tables for sale, a novel experience, when you make something you sort of do it, making kits for someone else to do and making sure it is clear and understandable is a challenge, well I made 16 and have one kit left and no-one has come back with problems yet - please note I crossed my legs when I wrote that, couldn't cross fingers makes it impossible to type.
My round table well that was a 'princess bed' made from wood veneer, balsa, ribbons and laces with  'peel-offs' if you chose to use them  This tiny bed is only about 3/4 inch tall and ideal for that fairy castle scene.

The next challenge well they are in quarter scale and I have a T2T to complete - T2T means Trash to Treasures and you are supplied with a box of 'trash' and using just that trash plus a couple of items you may add you create a 'treasure'. But you must use part or all of everything you've been given, this is something I have never tried and I will keep a note of what I did so that when the challenge is over I can share.

There is also a Beach Hut on the horizon with another group and the Souvenir from the Micro Mini convention to do with  all the other UFOs that have built up over the months.

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