Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Minis and Arts & Crafts

Life seems so hectic these days, and I am wishing my life away for end  of July and a hopefully a great retirement and more mini times yeah!!!!

May and June are the dreaded months of exams at school and life seems so draining on arrival home, but, I have a great time with two challenges one the Trash 2 Treasure which I can not even show how annoying is that LOL and a beach hut, both in quarter scale (1:48).

The scenary on the beach hut is not finished but the little hut with its back opening has finally seen the light of day and what fun it was to do. The only trouble is after seeing other projects there is load of other ideas swimming around in my head and I would love to have a fisherman's hut right next to this one - in fact would love to do loads of them from family fun to the beach bum and all inbetween.

I've also spent time looking at some of my other old arts and crafts wondering how many of these I can start up again and how many need to be passed on. Which made me reassess my dragon picture, this is about 3 foot tall and taking pictures with it inside a frame was not easy; this is the Sea Dragon (Water) and made of shells collected along the local beach over a 2 year period, and no they are not dyed but their natural colours.

I wanted to do 4 dragons one for each element, with this one the water; Air would be feathers and Earth, well that was the use of the flower press to dry out flowers and leaves but for the life of me I cannot think of what to use for Fire - somehow BBQ ash hasn't quite got the zing of the others and I don't think I could afford to do it in fire-opals so the whole idea like so many others ended on the back burner. Sorry no pun intended :o)

In fact, I'd forgotten just how many hobbies I do have - oops!!!

It has been a wonderful weekend of what we in Britain do best pageantry, celebrating 60 years on the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, long may she reign.

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