Friday, 31 August 2012

Retirement arrived and minis at last

Its official as from the 1st September no more wage packets boo- hoo!!! Tomorrow morning I am retired and can become a cantankerous old biddy wayhay! I've been practicing for ages LOL!

1/4 scale garden called Time Out

Its been a crazy last 2 months, clearing the work backlog and creating tiny food for Shelly's Online Show mid August, and the orders that followed - many thanks to all who bought from me I still can't believe people want my work it always astonishes me.
 The wet weather here in the UK has meant the garden has done little but grow - rather rampant I'm afraid and can someone please tell me why weeds grow much faster than plants, but many plants have not enjoyed it and the vegetable plot well a soggy disaster.

In the meantime minis, swaps and challenges were on the go and I've enjoyed myself no end - great fun.
The first was my T2T challenge (Trash to Treasure) with one group. Five little packets arrived with some of the most obscure things imaginable, like elastic bands which no longer elasticated, paper clip, bubble wrap and a pipette just some of the items. We were allowed to use some of the box items delivered in and a 5 inch square of fabric, one piece of computer paper (for printies or to paint) as well as paints and varnishes. All or part of everything to be used that came in the bags.
 I used toweling for my fabric, you can gently pull out the threads leaving you with an open weave - the fence of the garden is made from this stained with brown paints, not unpicked and painted it makes grass and the lengths removed are coloured for wisteria and other flowers as well as the sausages on the bbq.

Bits of paint and the bubble wrap made the pond with glue creating the waterfall

I had a great time making this and it certainly opened my eyes to looking at bits of trash with fresh eyes. Not that I need any help with hoarding, managing quite well already in that department.

Still not completed the Beach Hut scenery but it is getting there, the sea and palm tree are done and some of the wonderful birds from swaps have settled on the rocks. 
The picture is just a sneak preview of the beach and water.
A new project is also on the horizon of a 1920s Safari Tent, think Hercule Poirot and you will be in the right era.
I joined the swaps for this and made tiny lamps from jewellery findings along with my first attempt at doing fuzzy rugs. The first rugs came out a mess, I changed the computer settings to higher resolution and too much ink on the fuzzy paper, left a smudged mess, set back to normal and the printing worked fine. The swaps received were brilliant so really pleased found time to be part of the group.

There is also a forest fantasy one on one swap and my first try at twig furniture and like the other projects all quarter scale, but those pictures will have to wait.

A weekend challenge of a monkey - or maybe two and a three tiered wedding cake, this a self challenge which seems to have turned out better than I expected, will post pictures tomorrow.

Other projects are in the pipeline and I really must try and finish poor old Fingal's pumpkin for this Halloween, retirement what retirement!

In the meantime all take care and sorry for the long delay in posting, I promise to do better.


  1. fantástica escena, te deseo feliz jubilación

  2. ....and who wouldn't want to possess work by you Pauline? Fab post - more please!! Hugs - Lidi

  3. Thank you for the good wishes on retiring Carmen

    Yes Lidi will try and post more regularly but .... LOL


  4. Hi Pauline,
    I'm just now catching up with your blog. I can answer one of your very important questions - the one about why weeds grow faster. It is so you can find them amongst the flowers so that you can send them to a better place (the compost pile?). Anne, GSOLFOT Refugee

  5. Now you are retired Pauline, you will have less time than ever. Soon you will be wondering how on earth you ever found time to work full time at all lol!