Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Forest Room

A one on one swap with a forest theme, gave me the chance to try a room made with predominantly natural items. The following photos are the end result of something I thoroughly enjoyed making and for a first attempt with this type of media I can honestly say I'm hooked, this has been done 1:48 scale and I will be trying out more.

The ruler in the above picture gives an idea of the scale, the tiny bath up the stairs is an acorn cut in half and the inner seed/nut removed, very fragile when acorn is this dry. The tiny lamp actually lights over the acorn cup sink.

This picture shows the stairs to the bath, they look like fungi, but are actually wood that has been cut rather like sharpening a pencil creating those curly pieces, some parts are dried pieces of plants.

The floor is cork tile cut to shape, the little table and stools twigs and slice of broom handle, as is the support for the acorn sink which was shaped. Next to the acorn sink is a tiny bottle and a teeny shell for a soap dish. The background is bark and then I played with different pieces and have so many ideas for the future. It is definately worth playing just let your mind wander into fairy land.

The last picture is one taken from above showing the milky bath water with floating flowers, the tiny blue bath sponge a mini pompom and a dried seed head for the shower.

The little bed is made from twigs with a flat piece of wood for base covered in railway grass mat, its little flowers are a mixture of dried flowers from my garden tinged with blue acrylic paint and flowersoft, with a tiny plastic white flower for the extra pillow.

So next time you are out look at the leaves, twigs and interesting shells along the beach think about creating your own lovely scene, but also remember the dried flower pieces in florists and department stores, can also be used.

I'm now experimenting with a 1-144 item that blends natural and man made so watch this space - honest will own up if I fail LOL.

Happy miniaturing to you all.

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  1. Oh Pauline - this is absolutely gorgeous! You have really inspired me with this vignette. I couldn't send anything like it as a swap overseas (or receive one) because of our Customs laws, but I could certainly try one for myself. I am interested in how well it lasts the test of time.