Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Autumn is arriving fast

The sun was shining, the sky was that great blue of late summer and it felt warm when protected from  a cool northly breeze. After a morning of chores and working in the garden - do so hate rampant weeds, it was time for some relaxing time away from all thoughts of what I should be doing. So with camera in hand a bag to collect any great specimens suitable for minis - now you don't think I'd forget minis - not a chance, it was a leisurely stroll to the woods. This time to the far side, where woodland ended and as you can see harvested farm fields and then the scrublands of the coast with the sea on the horizon, just stunning, about a mile away but too lazy to try this for walking.
Once the noisy families with children excited about dragonflies of which there were millions, if only they had stood still they would have found that they land on you - peace descended.  Did manage to get some pictures but would the big blue ones stay still long enough to be photographed, well what do you think LOL, they flitter all over the place and the amazing thing is how silent they are, and no photo really shows the irridescence of their wings, they are like tumbling jewels in flight.
Squirrels came out and played among the trees and a woodpecker was drumming away, then a loud chattering started from a jay and little birds dived for cover and overhead a large bird of prey - not sure if the buzzard or sparrowhawk -  swooped looking for food, this time the silence in the woods was tangible as everything held its breath until the bird had gone. You know when because the rustling of movement and the odd call can be heard and it doesn't feel so tense.
The beginning of Autumn has started, puff balls and other small fungi are carpeting the floor of the forest, some trees like the birch are beginning to loose their leaves and the greens are far darker and heavier looking as the autumn colours start working on them. Blackberries are ripening and the hawthorn berries are abundant, but acorns couldn't find one, mind you didn't see any chestnuts sweet or otherwise, not sure if it is our wet summer or that the inhabitants of the wood have eaten them early due to lack of other food, but will keep checking back, most strange.
Did find some dried grasses and roots that could be good for miniatures hopefully will be trying them out soon and some other plant material that will need drying out for mini scenes, the roots would make fantastic trees.
Well off back to minis and chores, take care and enjoy life.

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  1. Sounds lovely surroundings Pauline, you are fortunate to live in such an area.