Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beds for Brambly Houses

Well Autumn has finally arrived and the winds have a chilly bite when gardening so rather than plant bulbs and clear up I've huddled indoors and thought I could update the blog.

The first trials of the beds for the little houses have been made using a variety of materials including printies. Three of these will be used in the houses but it was definately interesting to try different ways of doing things. Each of these beds are just over 1/2 inch in length.

Also for my own fun I have tried having a go with making tiny mice for the homes based on the books and here are the first three attempts. Poor Primrose in the middle had one of her ears squashed when I replaced a rather thicker tail for a smaller one, I didn't notice until I took the photo, she is fine now all pristine with two perky ears. Their little arms and tails are poseable and all I will say is a big thank you to whoever evented tweezers. You can see how tiny they are, if I'd pushed the mice together they would have fitted in-between the inch marker on the rulers.

I'm now going to try some other pieces out to fill the little 'balls' with and hopefully keep my sanity.

Will keep you updated with progress. Happy mini-ing and hugs.


  1. WOW!! 0_o

    Beds are BEAUTIFUL. And those mouses.. Aren't they cutest ever (**)

    Very lovely - I myself LOVE Brambly Hedge, so I look forwards to see what you do in future..

    That first mouse is my favorite (^^)

    MiniHugs, Irina

  2. love those little mice and beds greetings Yvonne

  3. I saw the little mouse houses on one of the groups (Half Scale I think?) and they are so adorable - and so are the beds and the mice too. Beautiful work, Pauline. You have a real talent for doing things in tiny scales.