Friday, 21 September 2012

Brambly Hedge continues

Well I've certain fallen in love with these tiny houses and couldn't resist having more goes with slightly different materials. Still no furniture but ..... I'll get there. These tiny things have been put together with lots of photos as a tutorial for making and hopefully will be launched soon in one of my groups or if all else fails here in the blog.

The picture on the left is another ground based house and actually has more flowers but I haven't taken photos yet.

The next two pictures are of my favourite one a full length one and a close up, it appears so light and airy. They are definately fiddly but so much fun, and although the tutorials will include some furniture can certainly use some of the great kits on the market.

Will show again when I am near completion, the picture on the left is the inspiration for these tiny homes and can be found in The Autumn Story.     
This is the Brambly Hedge website and a search of Google images will delight no end.


  1. Your houses are adorable Pauline, and they certainly capture the feeling of the one in the illustration.

  2. I loved these books as a child and your beautiful miniature has inspired me to have a go at creating this scene. I've downloaded your tutorial from microminis, purchased ping pong balls and sisal and I'm ready for the off. Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity in sharing all this.

  3. Hello Paline's Minis, how can I not put a comment onto this post of yours. I had considered making this Brambley Hedge picture but of course I ended up making the store stump instead. I love her work. This looks brilliant and I love the idea of doing something soo small. Thank you for your comment about my miniature models of Bramblewood. Nicola Tierney

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