Saturday, 1 September 2012

Quarter Scale Challenges

Last weekend the subject of the 1920s Safari Camp was being discussed in our group. (If you want an idea of what the safari tent is based on Cottar's 1920s Safari Camp - the link appears broken at the moment maybe they are updating)

The idea of a shower - the kind with a bucket reminiscent of all those old war films springs to mind which led on as subjects do to "the necessary" or "privy". It was decided it would look funny if a monkey was peering in from the top, which naturally being of warped sense of humour led to the idea of a monkey with a stolen camera and a challenge was born for a giggle.

For the first time I created a monkey, he was small as you can see sitting on the ruler, and he was also the first attempt at flocking. Tips given afterwards were paint him the colour you will be flocking then bald patches don't show, but I did find that you can add more flocking by painting on watered down glue and using tweezers so most bald patches disappear and his chest area is a lighter colour anyway so they are not missed bits, but pale flocking.

Oh what is he made from?  Well polymer clay and wire to support also helps by having something to hold onto whilst making and he was fired in stages 5 or 10 minutes and then adding another limb etc.  By the time I'd finished I'd totally forgot about the camera oops! The other monkey was posted along with this one in the group and mine looked gi-normous, the other monkey perched on the privy with camera was about 1/4 inch tall. Mine was more of gorilla in size - remembering this is quarter scale, even 1/2 inch = 2 feet, so as cute as he was just toooooo big. (Maybe give him to Fingal to play with should make for some interesting stories).  Another attempt was made this one was about half the size, but with such a grumpy face the camera went out of focus whenever I tried to take a picture - no you are not blaming me. So a third and final attempt was made and son of monkey arrived now this little character is 3/8 inch tall and less than 1/4 inch wide so much more in scale - did you notice still forgot camera and I'm also off monkeys.

But that wasn't the weekend over I was determined to try and do a 3-tiered wedding cake, now I knew these cakes would be a little large but they are not out of scale, just think really big weddings and lots of money spent. The first one attempted was a square one and boy do I love my tweezers, the flat shovel ones for holding gently and the pointy curves ones for sticking things on.

Each rose is made from polymer clay and the photo below shows just how tall the cake is, under 3/4 inch. I also tried a round one but as is typical murphy's law, all the round craft punches, needed to make the silver cake boards, bar one were the wrong size, so now on order and hopefully with me next week.

Maybe these or similar will turn up in the next Shelly's Online Show, but that is not until March next year so plenty of time to practice.

Hopefully at the next show will introduce some 1:24 scale food and items too.

In the meantime I'm off to cause more mini mayhem, so all look after yourselves until next time.

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  1. Well the cake is gorgeous, the monkeys are the cutest, and I do hope you introduce 1/24th scale food at the next online fair! I have just re-embarked on 1/24th scale and will certainly be looking out for some 'goodies' for my Fairfield and the roomboxes I will be making from Bea's books :-)