Monday, 29 October 2012

Whimsical and mice

I've spent the last few days working madly on a new idea with whimsical and mice still top of the listings, think that is mainly because the online groups I belong to just love these subjects.

With Autumn nearly over I wanted to capture the spirit of the season before it leaves us for another year (pun not intended LOL) as much as I find all seasons wonderful there is just something about Autumn that recalls many wonderful memories from down the years.

The landscape is made of things easily obtained and put together with glue and paint to create the effects needed. Natural twigs and grasses help with the creating the look and I can never pass a railway model shop with out checking the landscaping materials.

The ivy on the back wall is made from mini punched leaves and the doorway is just card, painted, distressed and a brad for the door knob. The mice well beads and pompoms created these, not a piece of clay of any kind in sight.

The second scene used photographs I took locally for the backdrop and those berries on the twigs are 1mm no hole beads, whilst the trunk of the tree is made from a toilet roll insert, painted to resemble the birch trees in the background.

I now need to make some furniture, or other pieces to bring the scenes alive and maybe one or two more plants and of course the little mice could move in too, that is of course if the fairies don't find it first.

Real life dried twigs and Lycopodium look part of the forest floor, a couple of pebbles and toadstools and it almost looks like real life.

The toadstools, well they are just brads of different sizes with rounded tops, painted and sealed and so simple to create. When dry trim the legs and insert into the scene.

I had great fun creating both scenes and the mice.

The tutorials for the scenes have been added to the Yahoo mini group Mini Allsorts and hopefully we will see some great variations when others have a go.

Enjoy mini-ing and until next time, may all be well in your world.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Brambly Hedge Update

As per usual running out of steam, the tutorial for the Brambly Hedge was launched and seems to have been enjoyed, will be lovely to see those that complete and put their own stamp on the mouse house and would be even better to see pictures.

I managed to find time to give poor Hamish his blower up of bagpipes and his little kilt pin albeit at this tiny size a piece of wire, but this is the best photo I could get. Each time I do this tiny scale I am so glad that digital cameras were invented, I take 100s of photos and hope that one or two will develop well and yes both on auto and macro but sometimes in the case of Hamish so excited to be able to make a noise I think he kept dancing or jiggling or whatever kilted wee Scotish people do.

Hopefully over the coming weeks will finish my houses and install the furniture and accessories, did cop out of doing a rocking chair for the time being may even buy one in kit form, can you tell a small amount of frustration here LOL.

The tutorial was in three parts for the house, landscaping and a few for furnishing and accessories, most were tips in the latter, but to keep that micro eye in the final piece was a basket of seeds, only 3/16" tall and including the handle it was filled with poppy seeds, mustard seeds and onion seeds but could just as well used no-hole beads, the red and black would have looked like fruit I think in this tiny scale.

Off now to complete another couple of tasks and then back to me time minis. Looking forward to next Sunday and a local show, small but helps with the fix to mix with other mini people in RL, their enthusiasm is always a boost.

By the way is there a energy booster I can plug into anywhere I need a top up please.

Take care and may all be well in your world.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A challenge and a chair

I am still trying to complete the last part of the tutorial, those furnishings at last the large fan chair is complete and so on to the next piece.

I think that most of the time is taken in trying to take good pictures and write instructions that make sense to others as well as me.

I hope to make some more intricate pieces later, but the ideas are still brewing in the place between my ears.

But as per usual I'm easily influenced and this time it was a challenge from a dear friend in Hawaii who thought I should do a mouse with a kilt. Fine but for one tiny problem the idea grew to a hat, a sporran and a set of bagpipes and shhhh cos I forgot a kilt pin and Hamish MacMouse was born. Not exactly Brambly Hedge unless there is a new story on the horizon but I suppose he could be a visiting long lost cousin.

Oh gosh, just realised when looking at photograph I have forgotten the tiny reed thingy they use to blow up the bag, oh well will have to add oops, egg on face grimace inserted here.

The ruler is showing 1/16 inch segments so his shadow on the ruler is 1/8 inch, and just like the other mice he is less than 1/2 inch tall only just though.

Oh well off to rectify mistakes and organse myself somewhat  - that will make a nice change.

Take care and thank you for the lovely comments so glad you like this little project, it will hopefully be a free tutorial in the Yahoo Micro Minis group this month.

(ps not the mice though only the house and furniture)