Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A challenge and a chair

I am still trying to complete the last part of the tutorial, those furnishings at last the large fan chair is complete and so on to the next piece.

I think that most of the time is taken in trying to take good pictures and write instructions that make sense to others as well as me.

I hope to make some more intricate pieces later, but the ideas are still brewing in the place between my ears.

But as per usual I'm easily influenced and this time it was a challenge from a dear friend in Hawaii who thought I should do a mouse with a kilt. Fine but for one tiny problem the idea grew to a hat, a sporran and a set of bagpipes and shhhh cos I forgot a kilt pin and Hamish MacMouse was born. Not exactly Brambly Hedge unless there is a new story on the horizon but I suppose he could be a visiting long lost cousin.

Oh gosh, just realised when looking at photograph I have forgotten the tiny reed thingy they use to blow up the bag, oh well will have to add oops, egg on face grimace inserted here.

The ruler is showing 1/16 inch segments so his shadow on the ruler is 1/8 inch, and just like the other mice he is less than 1/2 inch tall only just though.

Oh well off to rectify mistakes and organse myself somewhat  - that will make a nice change.

Take care and thank you for the lovely comments so glad you like this little project, it will hopefully be a free tutorial in the Yahoo Micro Minis group this month.

(ps not the mice though only the house and furniture)

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  1. I can make a good educated guess as to who the dear friend in Hawaii is (hi Jacqui!) and what a super idea for sure! Perhaps because I am half Scottish but I think that anything in a kilt belongs anywhere :-) Love the idea of your Brambly Hedge, I really want to do one in quarter scale. Hugs, Sandie