Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Finally managed to finish the snow scene and some of the mice celebrating a Snow Party, with skiing, ice skating and snowballs.

May all  have a  Merry Christmas or Holiday time and everyone has a dream come true.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Continuing the 4 corners

Well with Christmas on the horizon I bet many of you like me are busy with all the work involved to make it a fun holiday time.

I have started on the first of the corners for winter, this one does really make you shiver but was great fun to do and surprisingly easy. I hope to have this one up as a tutorial on the yahoo group Mini Allsorts around Christmas time.
The little trees are those cheap cake decorations suitable dressed with snow, but railway model trees or even bottle brush trees would work too. 
My favourite is the pond, it is cold and icy looking and I was so pleased with the first attempt at this method and it should be ideal for some ice-skating mice.

I also managed to complete the broom and rake as extra accessories for the Autumn corners and again the tutorials will be in the group.

The little mice seem to be having a discussion over who has the broom so will probably have to make a few more - well there is a lot of leaves and contrary to one friend, suggesting a leaf blower  I somehow don't really think it would work

I was really over the moon that one of my projects was accepted for the AIM Advent Calendar and as the day has now passed I can at last show the tiny Christmas decorations that were made. Fiddly but fun and most pieces available in our favourite of places 'the stash'. To try the project, follow the link on the AIM mag in the top right corner and go to day 15.
Will keep you updated with the new corners and in the meantime may all go well in your world.
Hugs Pauline

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Autumn's Challenge

I've spent the last month working on a challenge in one of my Yahoo groups Small and Smaller Adventures run by Pam Junk, lovely and whimsical and based on the Portland Centrepieces. Susie spent many hours with photos and updates to show us the tutorials and finished pieces so thanking her for the wonderful job, I couldn't resist having a go, although saying that it has put me behind on my Mini Allsorts group project tutorials so will be a busy month catching up. Below are some of the images of my challenge and loved every minute of it.

Seen from the back with all the goodies for harvest and the moonshiner upstairs in the barn.

The front has pine cone steps and lots of pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest (would have loved to have dones some more interesting ones when I thought about it afterwards).

All the leaves were punched out and individually glued into place, it is quite therapeutic if you are not in a hurry to complete something and of course leaves can be punched whilst watching something on TV.

These little people are so much fun to do, but I definately need more practice but pleased with first attempts, the young man is off for another slide down the haystack, but I think he should have been helping in the farm shop somehow.

There is some serenading going on here whilst waiting for the 'hay ride to return.

Upstairs the old moonshiner is working with his still and sampling his goods as he holds onto his flagon of booze, at the top of the picture is a few apples waiting to go into the apple press for the fresh batch of cider.

Now where is the lad, just when you need him to help with lifting some of these pumpkins. In the background are goods for sale, freshly baked bread and pumpkin pie with fresh veggies and jams.

Some of the tiny pieces added to the barn, I did laugh when I saw that the bead I'd used for the still looked more like a hand grenade. Except for about 4 pieces such as trash can and milk urns everything has been made from scratch and is truly fun to do.

Tomorrow I go back to my corners with mice to get the winter one done for Mini Allsorts and will post pictures of progress. So until next time take care and enjoy your minis.