Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Better late than never

Finally finished the alternative Winter corner, such a shame time ran out before Christmas. The corner made like the Autumn and Winter Snow ones became an indoor one, well where would you go after all that skating.

Like all previous corners made from foam board, matt board and filler, messy and great fun.
The tutorial for this and other corners can be found in Mini Allsorts  Yahoo group so why not come and join us.

The inside is finally painted with dresser in and wood sofa added, naturally all carved by the mice :o) (let me add that the home could just as easily belong to fairies, hedgehogs or rabbits). I went for the distress look howeve could be made with wood and stained, or painted pristine and tidy.

The corner was then dressed, as I had already decided on a Christmas theme and had the bits ready I used them, but the beauty of this is it can be done in any manner chosen; even summer with a large bowl of flowers in the fireplace and a different scene showing in the window.

The dresser was filled with goodies, jars of jam, cakes, bread and even candy sticks and baskets of nuts are on the floor; and mushrooms drying on the top - nice woodland stew for later.

Finally finished, fire blazing to warm the skating mice, cushioned plumbed up and all the holiday decorations installed - the tutorial for these can be found in the Advent calendar Day 15 from AIM.

Below is a close up of the dining table and chairs - you've guessed brown plastic furniture or BPF as commonly known. Some flocking on the chairs and a table cloth and transform these with little effort.
Only two more to go spring and summer, now what shall I do with these ones hmmmmmmm! still in the planning stage.

Until next time, enjoy your minis and your new year.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Happy New Year

Have a wonderful 2013, wishing for you all  that at least one of your dreams come true, that health and happiness is yours and most of all, those minis, may they be many and fun.
Until next time